I Want to Draw Something Cool

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by psychoperson25, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Anybody got some images they want me to create?
  2. Something like space or Nebula's,Trippy Stuff :smoke:
  3. As a matter of fact, I do.

    I would like you to create...

    A dragon.

    Dancing with a zebracorn.
    (That's a zebra-unicorn for all you sheltered folk)

    On a lillypad... made of cats.

    With... oh, I don't know... french fries.
    Falling from the sky.

  4. Both shall see the light of day
  5. They better, or I'm banning you. :mad:


    Seriously though, I'll laugh my ass off if you actually end up drawing that. :laughing:

  6. Ya :D
  7. Already started:D

  8. Cant wait to see em :smoke:
  9. This should be goood
  10. Sweeeeeet :hello:
  11. Anyone got any suggestions for tonight?
  12. A catapillar made out of hotdogs and cotton candy, smoking a blunt while longboarding down a hill.

  13. Lolz. props mayne
  14. Sure why not?
  15. How about A really old guy Fighting a Badger with his hands :D
  16. I thought of this for a tattoo and it changed I pictured an Octopus with tubes coming from out his ink thing that are attached to tattoo guns and the octopus himself is all tattood and he is tattooing me... NOW how it changed same concept with the tatted up octopus BUT he's tattooing sailors on a ship and the tattoos he has is like the samples old school sailor tattoos so it would be a ship out at sea and the giant octopus would be reaching on deck tattooing the sailors possibly more than one at a time.
  17. My cousin just got a pet rat. We named him THORVALD MENGELE THE IMPALER

    I want to see Thorvald as his true self...
    An undead white rat, standing on his hind legs, holding a 2-handed pickaxe weapon in a swinging position.
    yes, Thorvald is a badass...
  18. Holy crap that is a cool idea. I'll try.

    The other ones are going to be done as well. But for right now I think 3 is enough.

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