i want to do a big scrog

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  1. Alright so I've been looking a lot at scrog grows and methods etc trying to see what would work best for me and im pretty sure on what ill do but I'd like to here a few experienced opinions before I go rushing in and risk lowering my yield at all !

    Most of the scrogs I have seen so far are small ones, normally cloned plants, with a short veg time .
    That is not what I wanna do

    I am going to grow three 'orange bud' feminized on one side with its own screen, and 3 'euforia' feminized(all six from seed obviously) on the other side, with its own screen. They are both sativas from Dutch passion.
    What I want to do is grow some pretty large fuckin plants. Nothing ridiculous, but I want em big.
    I will have x2 600 watters in the 12x8 grow area, the walls will be reflective Mylar placed along the actual walls of the room. I will have co2 runnin in the room, with 2-4 medium size fans for circulation, a few exhaust fans and some other good stuff that is needed to grow.
    The actual scrog area is 6x4 , each of the six plants have nearly 2 foot either way they can grow into, and they can reach up to four foot tall.

    So, I am thinking nearly three months of veg, does that sound about right? I figure they will be pretty huge by that time and by the time there done be around the size I am looking to achieve

    Any advice or suggestions GREATLY appreciated, I am most definitely a beginner to growing, this will only be second time giving it a try.

    *oh also, about how high should I place my screen for the results I want? 12in? 20in?*
  2. That's where they will be grown.

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