I want to buy this equipment. Plz look!!!!

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by brandan003, May 14, 2010.

  1. Discount Hydroponics - Hydroponic Systems is a more reputable store IMO

    Not only do i shop at their retail location but there online site as well

    insanely cheap prices Large selection of stoofs

    Also your going to need Vegg nutrient

    Fox Farms Organic Trio Of
    Grow Big
    Big bloom and
    Tiger bloom should more than satisfy ur plants needs

    Now you dont actually need Rock wool for ur clones you can use it but its not needed

    Peat pellets make the best starter medium for growing newly rooted clones in soil and can be inserted in any soil when it comes time for transplanting

    Also your going to need Ventilation fans

    1 intake and 1 outtake and usually an Oscillating fan to keep the air moving around to refresh the C02 around ur plants

    And containers

    3 gallon is usually standard but if you have the room go with 5 gallon containers "the biga the roots the Biga the fruits" ;) haha

    Also finding the right sized intake and outtake fan is easy
    Simply Multiply ur grow room dimensions lets say ur room is 7" tall

    so that would be 4x5x7 which equals 140 gallons of air. now 1/3 of that amount needs to be refreshed every minute to insure proper temperature and Humidity lvl's are maintained

    So 1/3 of 140 is 46 CFM (CFM=Cubic feet per minute) so you need to buy a fan that Pulls more than 46 CFM

    Now they dont sell exact sizes so buy the one with the closest CFM rating that suits your grow room requirements...also i noticed ur getting ONA you might as well pick up a carbon scrubber with ur Ventilation setup will save you the trouble of buying ONA

    If there is anything els u need just ask :D

    take care and Good luck :wave:

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