I Want To Build Lean Muscle, Dont Want To Get Bulky

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  1. How do I go about this I don't want to have huge muscles like Ronnie from jersey shore. Is they key cardio? At the gym I workout my upper body Monday, Wednesday, and friday, and cardio Tuesday and Thursday for about 45 min am I on track for building muscle without getting to bulked up. I'm only 18 yrs old if that's of any importance
    Any advice is appreciated

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  2. You will do fine with that plan. It takes a shit ton of work to bulk up.
  3. no legs? and you realize it takes people years to get that big. you just don't get big overnight or even a year by lifting.
  4. Most people can't put on a crazy amount of muscles without taking a lil something extra.
  5. Word strong legs gives you a lot strength.
  6. It's simple. Cut down fats and have more of protein. Get yourself whey protein instead of a mass gainer.
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    Too much cardio will burn more muscle than anything..but this can actually benefit you in your pursuit.  Lift weights with high rep counts and continue cardio at your discretion and you will have a sexy cut in no time
  8. I usually do cardio after working out, I've put on muscle and I'm losing body fat, but then again I'm about that intermittent fasting life, you should check it out.
  9. Trust me man, nobody ever bulked up "accidentally" if you know what I mean. It takes a lot of work, lifting and eating big, to build "Ronnie muscles".
  10. Intermittent fasting, watching caloric intake, nutrient cycling, eating clean, adequate protein, compound lifts.  Do not go low fat, that is bad advice.  Low carb is much better, only eat carbs post workout.
    It'll suck at first, but then you'll get use to it.
    But trust me, the only way to know for sure is to count in order to see how many calories you need to lean bulk, and then how to adjust them. If you're not counting calories you will never know if your body may need more, or even if you are taking in a bit too much.
    The links above are some calorie calculators you can use.
    By the way, you sate you work your upper body out but no lower body?????????????? Please list your what muscle groups you work on each day you workout or you can have some huuuge rookie mistakes at hand.
  12. woahhhhhh DO NOT listen to this! you need fats to build muscle! im not talking about deep fried oils but healthy shit like olive oil, peanut butter (organic), flaxseed, and almonds
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    bro it takes years to be jersey shore sized like ronnie
    also depends on genetics but you will not likely even get "largely muscular" until a year or more
    high protein, moderate carbs, low fat unless you're skinny then just eat whatever the fuck you feel like but EAT ALL DAY, GET PROTEIN, STAY HYDRATED. EAT ABOUT YOUR BODY WEIGHT IN GRAMS OF PROTEIN PER LB
  14. Do not listen to anyone hear that tells you to cut fats. Healthy fats will never make you fat and will supply with good nutrients and amino acids to build muscle. Simple Carbs, Starches, and excess sugars, especially fructose (form of sugar), make you fat. Period.
  15. ^^ lol i see so many guys like that at the gym.
    I'm surprised they don't tip over.
  16. Lol , you don't have to worry about getting bulky for awhile , since it takes years of persistent training to get there. You should calculate your calorie maintenance and maybe go 300 calories above that. Leg's is a great workout , since it provides testosterone benefits , which in turn will help you bulk up.
    For the bang for you buck , the best supplement is probably whey. You can take it 30 minutes before a workout to increase the anabolic response.
  17. If you think ronnie and mike were natural get outta here.
    Ronnie and mike were not natural by any means.  I assure you they were at least pinning test or popping oral roids.
    They aren't huge by today's standards of bodybuilders but they aren't small either.
    Key to gaining lean muscle is low fat, medium carbs, high protein. 
    Go to the gym at least 4 times a week and also make sure you work your legs too. 
    How long have you been lifting and what does your split look like?
    Weight, height, and age?
  18. The more muscle you put on your legs, the more muscle you can pack all around. And by legs, I mean squats, leg presses, calf raises, etc. Plus, girls like a man with strong legs ;)
  19. You should do some swimming in addition to your other workouts. It helps with lean muscle and is good relief for your joints, which can get really stressed from other kinds of exercise.

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