I Want To Build A Bat House In Order To Farm Bat Guano (Also I Like Bats)

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by ak84, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. So, there's this thing where you build a small wooden structure and put it on a ~10ft/3-4m pole and then bats live in it.
    Here is a very zen-like video of a bathouse at dusk with bats gliding out of it.
    Here's a site with designs for bat houses.
    All in all it seems like something very straightforward and relatively easy to (at least) set up. A lot of people seem to be having luck with bats actually finding and staying at their bathouses.
    So, I want to build one of those houses and then I will not only have "pet" bats that will be hunting the mosquitos that are hunting me, I 'll also have a free source of bat guano.
    1. Build bat-house
    2. Wait for bats to arrive at said bat-house
    3. Put tray with soil to gather batshit underneath the afore-mentioned bathouse
    4. ???
    5. Profit (batshit profit)

  2. OP If that's your passion then do it! and love it, but it actually sounds different and interesting
  3. how much is bat guano per weight?
  4. Im guessing he is goong to use for his grow.

    But maybe not. Selling dirt is good buisness especially in places like vegas

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  5. we had a bat house on our property while I was growing up, my grandma told me it would take years for the bats to inhabit the house, but they did eventually and we had bats flying around at night sometimes, maybe it would be best to make a crapload of houses if you're looking to harvest their guano, I don't have any useful knowledge of bats, just that it took quite a while for them to warm up to the bat house, that was in santa cruz, CA.
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    Heheh, I am not looking to sell it, I do not need a whole a lot since I just do microgrows. It would be perfect for my compost teas though!
    Anyway, I've got a nice place where I know is visited by bats, with a bit of luck I'm actually hoping to set it up during this summer.
  7. kool i like it.  but isnt bat guano highly infectious like human crap....with bats having alot of diseases.

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