I want to be homeless for a week.

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  1. I was watching this documentary where these two friends become homeless for a week to see how their lives are.

    It got me interested and I sort of want to do it now.

    Anyone else ever feel like this?

    I feel like it'd make life better, it'd be a humbling experience and it'd make me appreciate what I have much more.
  2. Go ahead. I would never do that though. Im too much of a pussy
  3. Have fun with that. But, I'll stay at home with my tv, internet, food, bed, family, and grasscity.
  4. I'd never attempt this.. I'd be too scared of Patrick Bateman
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    One of my boys got kicked out of his house and he's been more or less homeless for the past 3 weeks, two of which he had no car

    It didn't seem too bad, but his day consisted of getting ahold of people for rides (mostly me cause the kid is cool), going to work so he can feed himself, sleeping in the same clothes, showering rarely. When we tripped mushrooms he just got off work and tripped the whole time in 2 day old work clothes

    When he accidentally dropped and shattered his phone that's when his shit got bad. It's hard being homeless without a phone and no contacts.

    Usually your day being homeless is working and then finding a place to crash for the night. If you have friends this isn't too difficult

    So it depends, what kind of homeless are we taking about?

    True homelessness is you have little to no money, no car, maybe a bike, some clothes, no friends/family that support you (resulting in no place to live), and most likely no phone or way to be reached

    There's different levels, hobo level is by far the hardest
  6. I read a short story about this in a chuck palinihuk book. It was about rich people who did this exact same thing because they were bored with being able to do whatever they wanted.

    This thread made me think of that.
  7. I see someone getting raped in near future.
  8. stop paying your bills for about 2 months and you wont have to worry about "wanting" to be homeless:D

    real talk though,i think it would definitly help you to appriciate things more.me and my mom got evicted from our home almost a year ago,and so far not having none of my stuff,no privacy,and nothing but a couch to sleep on,a basket for my clothes,a moped,and a phone,i sure as hell already appriciate everything i once had so much more now.

    its definitly a fact you never know what you have,until its all gone.

    but im on my way now,bout to get my own place and what not,so i aint sweatin it:smoke:
  9. Sounds fun... Until it's time to go home.

    Then what? Being homeless isn't cool/fun/or any of that shit.
  10. Dope'st movie ever - Into the Wild (2007).
  11. yea man, I never wanted to be legit homeless like bums on the street. but I seriously considered venturing out into the wilderness. I never got a chance to do it but hey I got nothing but time. And Into The Wild is awesome. Love the book and the movie, I want to be just like him man.
  12. ya it is.
  13. If you want to be homeless then go ahead? Why do you need others opinions to pimp the excitment up? If you want a more simple and humble life then stop craving and give up the greed. You dont really need to be homeless to do that, but if you want the experience then go ahead and see how you can enjoy it.

    I have a no-cheat policy btw. If it was up to me, i would burn your house down, kidnap your family and friends, send you out on the street, stripped naked and 4 viagra pills in your mouth, and then i would unleash a big black horny prisoner to rape your sorry homeless ass :D I would place a piece of a key in 4 containers in every state, and in that key lies your freedom. You will also get a lassoo and 4 liters of vaseline. Dont ask me why...
  14. Lol, I lol'd at the thread title. But anyways, I wouldn't do it. Well, depends on where you live too. If I tried that shit around where I live, I'd be robbed and raped within 2 days :O

    The streets are no joke.
  15. I was homeless downtown vancouver for 4 weeks when I ran away from home. The days are fine, the nights are when you got to watch out. Other bums try to steal your shit and threaten you with needles so I just let them take it.

    You sleep where people piss. Everyone looks at you like you are garbage. I even got spit on by some kids
  16. Try a year. That way you're just not "homeless" in the beautiful weather of summer.

    You'll get to experience what's its like in below freezing weather while you're trying to find some form of warm. Also, food becomes a lot scarcer in the winter.

    Then, you'll really know what its like to be homeless.
  17. Homelessness is not a joke.

    Its alright watching it on tv, or whatever other sanitised medium gave you this wonderful idea...

    Go and have a chat with some local homeless, see if you still want to go ahead with a hairbrained scheme. I'd just hope their words will give you a heads-up.
  18. You can't be homeless with a place to go back to at the end of the week. How are you going to appreciate anything when you can sit there on your privileged ass saying "only 6 more days" lol.

    If you want to live FRUGALLY that is another thing. I live very frugally on purpose and it has taught me a lot about money.

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