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I want to be a Phantom Toker

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by potpato, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. I know that a lot of these questions come through, but I have a question with a few specifics.

    First, How strong is the smell of weed really??? I believe that when I am smoke in my room, I use a little 1.5 inch sneak a toke one hitter and I don't produce much smoke or smelly evidence of marijuana because I don't smell any (but I could just be high and don't notice), I sometimes use the “sploof” but mainly I just hold it in until there is no visible smoke. I only pack a little bit and I take it in one big hit. When I light it, I see a little bit (very tiny amount) of smoke disperse into the air and then I hold in everything else. Afterwords I just turn the ceiling fan on and spray a little cologne. Am I being a retard and not acknowledging the smell or is does it easily go away?

    I cant open a window, and im only smoking inside because where I live its a lot harder to smoke outside
  2. it does go away easily.....its mostly joints and such that smell much much worse.
  3. I'd say you're doing the most you could do to make it not smell like herbs. That's pretty much all you can do if you can't open a window or go outside. I'd say use a spoof just in case when you exhale if you're really worried about someone finding out
  4. The smell might be more apparent to someone else who doesn't smoke. Gotta keep in mind that your nose will get used to the scent of that mary jane and make it less noticable over time.

    In my experience, there isn't a lot of smell that will stick around after the smoke clears like ciggarette smoke. Once the haze clears, you should be able to rest easy.
  5. why is it hard to smoke outside? i ask this because the smoke over time will accumulate and it'd be better if you opened a window or went outside if you're worried about smell.
  6. maybe burn some incense to cover up the smell. it smells good too. if you do it enough (and I'm guessing you're tying to cover up the smell from your parents here) your parents tend to just overlook it because it's normal. my mum bought me some incense the other day because she "knows I like it". she's very nice

  7. lucky you, hahaha as soon as i lit my very first incense stick my mom was like "are you smoking weed in my house?". I tried and I failed because it turns out she did the same thing back in her day.
  8. Your procedure is pretty much what I used to do to cover up my habits. I honestly think it worked, and I'm sure that the reason I got caught by my mom is because I got lazy with the routine, so keep it up!

    Happy Toking!
  9. for me my girlfriend can notice it hours later.. but I rip my bong, so I think an open window and small hitter wouldn't be noticable at all, some febreeze will probably seal the deal.
  10. The stronger the quality of weed the stronger the smell. The longer it will stay around.

    you wont be able to smell it if your smoking.

    Youll have to leave the room come back in.
    See if it smells.

    Weed does smell. IT TRAVELS!! and fast and dissipates fast in open areas. . If your sitting in your room with your door closed windows closed. Its going to smell for awhile in your room.

    If you have a window open. Blow the smoke out the window.
  11. You really can't smell the weed when your high, if someone comes into your room like right after you smoke they will be able to smell it without a sploof. As time passes the smell goes away.
  12. yea ive been slackin in my routine lately
    but fabreeze does work best for me.
  13. moms are the best <3
  14. smoke by a window, use your one hitter or a pipe(pack small bowls) take a hit and make sure there is no cherry. and exhale out the window, only open the window a crack and make sure no smoke gets out of the pipe or flows back from the window. I do this all the time and I can take a hit and if somone comes in 30 secs later there will be no smell(other than your breath)

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