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I want to ask my dad

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BlueD, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. if he tokes so bad and if he would be down to with me. I recently thought of this because like 2 nights ago i had a loud ass cough, I mean loud, and after while he finally goes "GO TAKE SOMETHING FOR THAT COUGH!"

    Fast forward to yesterday night at around 7 pm. He just got home and says sorry for yelling(i really understand that he has to work 12 hours a day and he needs his sleep), so i go w.e no biggy.

    He then tells me how he was telling his co-worker about it and his co-worker says "He probably was smoking a joint!" and he like laughs as he's telling me this and I'm like "Nope, just a cough...", but in the back of my mind i was thinking WAS THAT A HINT???

    The reason i think this is because my Dad's a stoner. How do i know? Because his car always smells like dank, ever since I was little, I found a zig zag cardboard paper ripped, as if he were using it for a roach, and to top it all off I've seen my Dad blown, I mean straight up ZOOTED!

    Should I just be straight up about it or just never ask him?

    P.S. My dad gets mad hella easy, but he is the more mellow parent. So basically he is like me, in a sense almost :p
  2. Yeah you should go for it! But maybe if you dont wanna sound suspicious then just wait till it comes up in the coversation then go for it.
  3. Why not? Give it a try and report back!
  4. I dont know how old you are but i asked my dad a few years back when i was 15 and he got all pissed at me for it but the day i turned 16 he started to blaze it up with me and didnt care,:smoke:
  5. Tell that cat, to control his emotions
  6. I wish I could have toked up with my dad. He passed away last year, but before he died he cleaned up my room back home and packed a box of my stuff that included my grinder and my spoon. never said anything about it to me, but now i wish he had.
  7. Hey you never know what will happen I told my mom a few weeks ago that I smoke showed her my stash and everything and she wanted to toke it up with me lol
  8. "Hey pops, want to smoke some pot?"

  9. Im 18, but im living at home while i attend a JC. Yea i don't know if i will or not, I've never really been super close to my dad where we talk about deep shit, but he always tells me he's there for me.

    I'm probably going to ask him about his stance on Mary-Jane and go on from their
  10. just ask him about what he thinks of weed and see how he responds.. if hes like "what ever" then ask if he smokes.. if hes like "WELL its ILLEGAL how bout that" then be play it cool big pimpin.
  11. This, but go for it for sure!
  12. Ask him what he thinks of medical mj and then ask about full legalization. That will provide you with his thoughts and open the door to conversation about smoking together, :)
  13. I say just go for it. Tell him you're gonna pick him up after hes done work or w.e, and when you pick him up, have a fat blunt lit up and pass that shit

  14. This shit had me cracking up no lie:smoke:, but I will ask him if he wants to do a fat blunt, after i do what John Dankerson suggested below +rep


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