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i want this

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Misfit, Feb 10, 2004.

  1. this is what i wish i could have.

    Marijuana plants are shown growing in a beer vat in this police handout photograph January 12, 2004. Police busted the grow operation, the largest in Canadian history on the weekend. Nine men have been arrested in connection with the operation which made use of a former brewery. Thirty thousand marijuana plants were found in the bust. REUTERS/Ontario Provincial Police

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  2. damn, sucks they got caught.. but yeah, thats an ass load of bud... or it was, until the police smoke it all...
  3. Yeah, you and half.. No correction, all the people on this forum wish they could have that. ^_^
  4. Thirty thousand plants? Good god, thats nuts.
  5. I just wish I was on the police force up there... Then I could have some of that!!!!!
  6. I live in Barrie where that happened ... it's quite the topic of conversation up here ... gotta give a little salute to the Molson Plant everytime we drive by.

  7. is the market up there dead now?
  8. Daaayum!

    I hope some of the police officers did take some for themselves....hehehe :p
  9. ohhh man! All them ladies and they are were flowering too. Looks like just a couple of weeks left by what the picture shows. That actually made me cry, I know most growers would only pic those details out. damn, what a shame.

    If only they were given a second chance...

    im going to burn a dead lady right now and inhale her increments inside my lungs. After being hung and jared for weeks. Sounds kind to me. You get it...hehe

    -(very) stoned

  10. Yeah, i wonder if it was coincidence that the police waited until flowering season before they went in and busted all their plants, hahhaa.. sounds pretty sketchy to me...
  11. just think how good it would have smelled in that room
  12. they all look extremely healthy and perfect, god what a waste!

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