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I want this soo bad!

Discussion in 'General' started by gr0wer, Apr 16, 2004.

  1. Holy shit! 9" tall and 3" wide at the bottom. That's huge! I would love to own a piece like that.
  2. what a rip off...

    sure it looks awesome, but its not worth that much...
  3. I'd still buy it as long as it was money from growing weed or shrooms cuz that moneys almost free.. well at least like 100x profit.

    It's one of a kind and one of the best pieces ive ever seen online or at any headshop.
  4. u do realise its not in stock and sense its a one of a kind peice i would reach the conclusion that YOU CANT GET IT! soory better luck next time
  5. not worth it ...my glass always breaks after a few months ..i would never spend more than $150 on any piece ..your just paying a few $100 more for the CCG design.

    unless your growing copious amounts of ganja (love that movie) ya? then if you got he money go for it.
  6. Sorry to say it but i kinda dont like it.......dont get me wrong its awesome and i would take it anyday.....but i have seen many other bubblers that fit my liking much more for much cheaper......but like easy rider said if ya got the money go for it.........jeeze who knows how many pieces and thousands of dollard i would have into new pieces if i had money to blow like that......hmmmmm mabey....just mabey one day...
  7. It's much too much... $500 for a piece, and glass at that... You probably wont have it for long enough to make that money worth it..... I'd go with something under $100 at least. If I paid $500 I'd expect that thing to be as tough as steel and last for many years to come, not to mention grow it's own weed. I don't care for it's coloring either. But hey, if you got the money.........

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