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I want that warm, fuzzy high!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by blakegoehring24, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Every time i get high i have gotten really fucked up, ive only smoked about 5 times though. In the very begining i get a real warm fuzzy mellow relaxed feeling. I can still make decisions and think straight. I like that and i want that high to be my whole high. if anyone knows how to mellow my high down from fucking baked to just relaxed warm and fuzzy feeling. :smoke:
  2. get some indica
  3. You're probably smoking too much. Initially your inhalation abilities probably weren't what they are now so you weren't taking in as much THC.
  4. I think I kinda know what you mean, but i've been smoking a lot longer. Recently my highs are always cold and distant feeling, because of how much I smoke. when you're less fucked up, you get the warm fuzzy. Just stop when you feel like you want, that's something I need to start doing....
  5. when im with my freinds getting fucked up is fun but when im alone last time i tried smoking about 3/4 of a bowl out of my bubbler and that still got me real high! idk maby ill just smoke 1/4 of a bowl and see what that does then smoke more if needed i have alow tolerance hehe.
  6. I like being high, period

  7. man if u want a good high u gottttaaaa do like 3+ bowls
    maybe u just havent gotten really blazed yet
  8. Did you even read the first post?
  9. take 2 or 3 shots of whiskey.
  10. I know how you feel. Usually right after I smoke a feel amazing, than it starts to go down hill. Smoke less.

  11. Take it slow, take a hit, wait to see how it feels, then repeat. No need to smoke more then needed if your already high. Depending on your bud quality you can probably get high off a few hits or two, i can take one nice rip of my bong and have a nice warm fuzzy clear state of high.

    patience is key, good luck!:smoking:
  12. thanks guys... today ive almost got tha t perfect high, im a little to on the soberish side id like to be a little more high but this is still nice. today i took 2 fat hits from my bubbler and i think 3 is the magic number :] i love my low tolerance:hello:
  13. W00t for the Low tolerance, I am exactly the same ;-)

    I usually do the mistake of, you know that moment when you are just starting to be high and go "GOD DAMN I'D GO FOR ANOTHER ONE". Don't take another hit, Lol, that's usually how you feel bad after imo.

  14. yeah i had a nice high today:p listened to some UB40 and slightly stoopid and just laxed, im just gonna keep playing around with dif. amounts of weed/ dif. strains to see what my favorite chill high will be and with what :eek:
  15. Smoke som indica and then get back to us
  16. Stop smoking once you get sufficiently high and then cuddle up with some cartoons, a big blanket, a nice pillow, recliner and extreme amounts of food. This level of relaxation should only be enjoyes moderately though because after about a week of this you'll be so fat even your wife for 50 years wouldn't fuck you (simply a metaphor, after 50 years it's not like she can say no)

  17. Get some heavy indica, and Smoke a little less man.

    The more you smoke, the higher you get. I don't care what the quality is.

    The more THC in you, the goofier you get bro...

    Fuck, I really just said that. God Damnit.
  18. seems like everyones sayin get indica so ima try and get some of that :) thanks guys!
  19. Smoke less, tale 3-4 BIG HITS and give it time to kick in, U feel amazing. its the laughing high. Like u get hyper 2
  20. just smoked a strawberry phillie and im getting one of those highs right now

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