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Discussion in 'General' started by UglyInfidel, Feb 10, 2004.

  1. i was just sitting here and got this sudden urge for shrooms... i've never done them, but i want them so bad. I just wanna get together with a few good friends, go into the woods, and eat the shrooms... that woul dbe the best. tripping on shrooms in the middle of nature is the way to go. Anyone have any experiences with shrooms they wanna share? haha i'm bored so i don't eraly know why i'm posting this but ok
  2. nature walks on shrooms kick ass.
  3. Oh ya, nature walks are great, forests are the best. Im gonna be planning a camping trip this summer. Im defiently bringing up a large amount of mushrooms. And weed.
  4. wow ok so i'm just scrolling down the forum and seeing what new posts there were... and i came along this one, by me!! I guess i posted this earilier when i was really fucked up, i don't even remember doing it... haha it's all cool though
  5. Hmm..

    Well the first time I ate them I ate a tad more than an 8th. I didn't get to see much hallucinations since I wasn't really paying attention...but I had a total out of body experience. I looked at my life and I could not figure out how myself in my thought was the same as me tripping. It was crazy.

    The third time I did them was the best (and it was the last time I did them...like a month ago). Everything you look at looks like it's breathing. Patterns are extremely appealing to the eye, such as the grain in wood, or carpets/tiles. I had gone outside for a little bit, but since it's cold, I didnt' spend too much.

    I'd definitely recommend them to anyone who's interested. Just be in a comfortable environment with people you like and things should be just fine.

    Oh yeah, make sure you smoke a lot. It definitely helps the intensity of the trip.
  6. ELO is pretty good stoned, for what its worth.
  7. don't ever take shrooms when you are around stupid people that you even minutely don't like, it makes you feel really uncomfortable

    also, if you really really want them, growing them can be done very easily, just check the PF Tek, but it can get in a lot of trouple if you get caught, which is the only thing keeping me from growing.
  8. In some places, they're legal to grow...but illegal once they're dried and prepared for eating. I thought that was funny

  9. hey, I'm just about to reap the rewards of my patience. I am about 5 days away from harvesting about 150 grams of fresh psilocibin cubensis mushroom that should either be good for about 5 decent trips or one major kick ass trippy trip.

    You can get grow kits for about twenty quid here in England and grow them yourself in about 21 days. How cool is that?

    I did a bit of research on growing techniques before I began my little project and learnt quite a lot. my next batch will definately be bigger and better and I've definately refined the growing method so I should get a bumper crop....

    On a side note, every time I take these kinds of mushrooms, I get the strangest idea that the human race are in fact, highly evolved forms of mushroom.... just think about it... we kind of look the same.

  10. lol.
  11. the first time i did shrooms i didnt really get any good visuals but i had a great body high and felt awesome.

    the third time i did them it was some crazy shit, the rungs in my friends house looked like they were floating under me, every color was like 100x brighter. a friend of mine had some wood pannaling in his house and that shit looks nuts.
  12. I've never actually taken mushrooms but i've taken truffles which are similar effects but not a mushroom, it contains the active ingreident psyclobin if that's spelt right ..so truffles make you trip as well, but whenever i took them the first time it was class..i sat there and felt a real body high like i was aboustely stoned but i was stoned as well as we had been smoking before coming up on them and throughout the trip, there were 3 others there, 2 were clean drunk and had some truffles, i was drunkish..and stoned and alot more truffles than the other ones, music was great too..big pupils, the walls moving a bit, i needed a higher dose to trip full on like.

    A few days later more were ate but it wasn't as good that time, but still was good though, didn't eat them again for months.

    The next time i tried them was before i went into a club, i got drunk and stoned,rather drunk actually and the trip took over the drunkness but it was still there..kind of wierd...i was able to see into things and lights wierd in the club...real flashy lights..tripping out..whenever the trip was over though at the end of the night i only got really drunk after it was over..it was also very fucking wierd...the took the truffles at 7.30pm and by the 2 or 3 the next morning i was drunk and i stopped drinking at 12.30, mixing drugs can be fun but also very fucked up.

    So yea man go for shrooms.

    I'm getting mushrooms soon, a special occasion is coming up.
  13. Just did a proper head count on the shrooms and I've got 31 decent growers on their way up.... by harvest (4 days now) each one will weigh about 7-10 grams each which should give me (quick calculation........) a maximum of 300 grams or so.

    I'll have to give them away at this rate.
  14. 4 days...300 grams you lucky fuck!

    Send me some :D
  15. ive ate shrooms but i want to know how i can start growing them in my room and do i need to do anything special to them befor i eat them

  16. it would be much easier to dry them yea. and they sell grow kits all over the internet and most places will ship to the us. damn i just noticed them sell em here at gc, is that new
  17. Yeah man.. The grow kits or PF Teks are awesome. I harvested at least 50g dry, and that was just a small grow.
  18. u can buy shrooms in manchester and in london from shops here in england

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