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  1. I have 7 plants goin and all r bagseeds I am ready 2 flower but scared shitless about havin males.my ? is if I flower all 2geather and there are some males will they pollinate the fems b4 I can get em 2 their own seperate rooms? or do I have a lil time between wen they show signs of a sex and wen they pollinate? pls inform me
  2. if you're paying good attention to them you will have time to move them
  3. not a day goes by Im not with them lol and also they are 3 months old and I can c lil pistils on the nodes in all of em and no signs of balls, but I thought u hada flower 2 get signs of a sex?
  4. nope, you can induce flowering which will make them show sex, or if it does it by itself that means the plants are at their sexual maturity(it's about time you put them to flower lol) if you see pistils then they're girls. keep an eye on em anyways since you don't know the genetics they might hermie on you
  5. thanks alot dude and also how would I stop that from happening? cut out n e light leaks or ?
  6. sometimes it just happens with crappy genetics. but you want to make sure there are absolutely no light leaks as that is the main cause of stress related hermies
  7. ok I sealed off all lite leaks 2 days ago and b4 that I had the lights runnin so wen they shut off it was dark outside and they kicked on B4 the sun was up should I b ok or could the damage have been done already?
  8. if they aren't showing hermie, you should be all good. switch them to 12/12
  9. will do, and wat r the signs of hermies?
  10. male preflowers(balls) and banana looking things too. if you see anything weird post some pics
  11. ok I think im in the clear tho, will post pics soon n e ways and again thanks 4 droppin the knowledge
  12. np. glad i can help.
  13. Why do you want to move the males to a separate room? Move them to the compost bin, the only value to males is the pollen they produce, and that is only valuable if you want to harvest seeds.
  14. I was gonna use'm for hash n edibles or wont they produce enough thc 2 even bother?
  15. sorry, no thc- or very little in the boys. i second toasty--chop em. boy does it hurt!! we all have done it.

  16. ^^^ which you obviously don't want seeds if you're after sinse :smoking:
  17. ok will do that in future but this batch is lookin all fem. at the moment but only 2 days in2 flower but Im hopin hard

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