I want seeds from my clones.

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  1. Ok, so I have a room of flowering plants, alot of different strains, all from clone, well except 2, one is just now being sexed, the other is a male Romulan. I'd like to just get seeds of some of my plants, tho I don't wanna cross Romulan into them? I just want to grow strictly from seed on my next batch, and I don't have seeds, and I refuse to order them. I would really like to get my Flo seeds. So I'll break it down, I have a male Romulan, a Jack Herer Seed which looks kinda Indica, I have a Jack Herer mother thats flowering, a Flo thats flowering, a couple sour diesels, couple Tangerine Diesels, a couple Purple Kush (Not sure if they are really purple kush), an Ice, a Maui. I just sexed the Romulan today, i'd like some advice on what I could possibly do here that might make a good combination if I must use the Romulan, Keep in mind I've never grown a Romulan female, so I don't really know about it's genetics.:confused:
  2. I'd also prefer not to "Breed" in a sense, If I could hermie like a sour d for seeds? or a Tangerine Diesel? Just something I have excess of that I wouldn't mind making a hermie of a single one.
  3. Check this out! Creating fem seed?

    You can do this with a couple of each strain after you harvest. Just leave the popcorn buds and some of the smaller ones and cut off the main and larger colas. Maybe do it with the best female of each strain. Make sure you keep them separate so you don't cross pollinate!
  4. Thanks man, that was alot of useful information, I appreciate it.
  5. You can also spot pollinate if you want to still get some bud out of your harvest... Just take a cola from each female and pollinate it and leave the rest to develop buds. You may lose some potency over all but it still ends up being good smoke. If you want the technique let me know and ill PM it to you. SS
  6. Silver is gold. Collidial (sp) Silver that is.

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