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Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by woahlmfao, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. Okay, so a few years ago I was smoking when i just felt like this feeling of coming down and i felt like i messed up and that i was dumber than I previously was before smoking and this feeling carried on and never stopped. I completely stopped smoking after that but now I am recently picking it up again. The other night i smoked a blunt and around 10 hits from a gravity and i went to sleep and woke up with this fried feeling and i feel things like slower and even more stupid. I would really like somebody's opinion or thoughts on this, will this feeling ever go away? what are some things I can do to help this?
  2. Thats how my high feels lol.
  3. What you wake up with is a weed hangover. You can deal with it or not smoke. The hangover lasts until about noon. If you believe that weed is making you stupid, then by all means do not smoke it.
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  4. 10 hits from a gravity bong and a blunt will definitely slow you down some! If your tolerance is low, like these guy say your perception may be off a bit until noon. It will go away, just use less to avoid it.
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  5. Thank you, I was just kinda paranoid about the feeling since it was new and reminded me of the other incident that happened a few years back but worse. I dont want to stop using but maybe i need to tone it down a bit.

  6. Coming from someone who imbibes in cannabis all day everyday, quit smoking da kind now. The 'hungover' feeling is your body's way of saying, "we've been poisoned".

    It's just the way it works.
  7. Unless this is a tiny "bong" or some weak quality weed, 10 hits from a gravity bong should flatten you. Especially if you are new and your tolerance low.

    I'm a daily smoker and 3 good hits from my gravity piece generally flattens me.
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  8. CORRECTION: We've been medicated.

  9. LOL. Yeh. That's what i tell myself all day long! As in rat now :smoking:
  10. You have created the illusionary belief system that that actually does happen. The mind is the most powerful thing. If you convince it you will die tomorrow it will kill you.

    For now its best to learn to de-program this belief system and possible get into meditation and mindfulness practice.
  11. you believing your mind is doing something has no point of reference if there is an actual effect on the individual that can be documented and measured

    there are multiple people mentioning that you can green out (essentially consuming too much cannabis)

    even from a member that smokes daily, how do you think this is a mind thing?

    can you get rid of your tolerance because you will it in your brain? no you have to take a tolerance break because the receptors for thc become overused and stop working until one abstains enough for the receptors to become active again..

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