I Want Free 20Oz Drinks Back

Discussion in 'General' started by sofakingstoned, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. Dammit! When I open the lid on my Mt. Dew I still to this day look under the lid expecting to either be called a looser or rejoice in my free 20oz soda! Am I the only one that misses this?
  2. I know what you mean, I got one with a free mp3 download but it never worked :cry:
  3. Na man fuck a code, I want instant gratification!
  4. This. This is instant gratification! Lol.
  5. That was always the best.
    And if you got that free drink and won another free drink off of it, that was like unbelievable.
    Yeah, now it's all codes that you enter in ohline. I wonder how many people actually bother.
  6. The online codes are the worst. Ain't nobody got time fo dat!
    Everytime i look at a bottle cap, I know I am a loser.
  8. True, but of the cap said so it would remove all doubt that you may have that you are a loser.
  9. Oh there is no doubt I am a loser. People on GC tell me i'm a loser all the time!!
  10. I rarely drink soda these days and had no idea this was still in existence. I probably got 10+ free soda caps when I was younger but I don't think I ever used any of them. Always would feel like a poor dirtbag when I thought about it even though I was a preteen. 
  11. Yeah I am with you I actually think about this often LOL, people need that instant gratification! All it is is so they can get more hits on the website and see more ads.... I used to love it when I was little always having those lying around, then you would win one with a free one nothing beat it..
    my longest record was 3.. free one then another free one then another. kinda crazy.
  12. It's not in existence anymore, that's why I miss it so much!
  13. At my school we learned how to cheat and look at the underside of the cap. Free sodas for life! although you did have to buy one every so often so they didn't get suspiciuos
  14. heck yeah, i live down the street from a store and i remember coming home from school and going down there, it was a $1 gamble, and what a rush. 
    i liked when they had that promo where if you get three, i think, matching team caps you'd get a hat. i swear i had 2 of a bunch, but never won. 
    i hate this era of going online and typing in the code for points or wtf ever they have going on. 
  15. I miss that too! And surge... 
  16. Surge was back for a little while not long ago. It was called vault. But I haven't seen it's in a while....
  17. Is jolt still around?

  18. I won a free pizza one time, shit was cash
  19. what ever happened with that? i drank the shit out of that in 8th grade. kicks like an energy drink, drinks like a soda...or something lol

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