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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by r_BiRd250, Oct 1, 2003.

  1. Hey guys this is my first grow and I need some help starting up. Anyways I have this old dresser in my closet I never use the damn thing so im gonna grow a little pot in it. The dimensions of the dresser are 23"x15.5"x31" (LxWxH Thats right?? Right?) Im gonna use a small 70w hps in there for flowering and a compact floro or tube floro's for plants in veg.

    Im gonna attach the dresser drawers to a piece of wood so it flush with the front and have it on hinges so it swings open. Now I need some advice on how to split up the space on the inside so i can have a veg and flowering chamber. Also im gonna try Scrog....so any suggestions and I'll get started!!
  2. lucky for you, or is it unlucky? anyway i'm stoned as hell right now and feel like typing! so heres a few links for ya;)

    Heres a few Growbox threads to take a look at-
    HJ/6.7cf/Medical Marijuana Grow
    a great box by ReleiF
    another excellent flouro box by pohsib
    3 chamber 36 x 24 x 36 grow box
    a great homemade HPS hood by bubblegum_ man

    some more grow rooms from OG-
    a good growing setup for $15
    Converting a dresser into a stealthy grow cabinet
    Scrog box/ carbonfiltered exaust
    MrE micro scrog, inside a file cabinet
    400w HPS cabinet
    slim line veg box
    70w HPS micro box / scrog
    nice 3 chamber grow box
    3 chamber box that is disguised as a guitar half stack
    micro 70w HOS box / scrog

    and you can veg and flower in the same area;) just veg for a week or 2, then flower. and you can use the 70w HPS for both veg and flower.:)

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