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I want a pipe, but what kind?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PassDaDank, May 27, 2010.

  1. Sports are over and I'm now graduating so I decided to get serious with my weed :) I wanna get a really cool pipe but idk what to choose from. I love the wood pipe because of the neat designs and the craftsmanship but I heard that glass is!
  2. I would suggest just getting a nice glass bowl to start. Every stoner should have his/her own bowl. Then you can branch out to a bong, vaporizer, etc.
  3. Glass is superior in every way. Get glass!
    Start out with a nice dry pipe like a glass spoon and as you get more into it you can look into bongs and such. When you look for a dry pipe, look for a small bowl hole so it's hard to pull through ash
  4. I got a two foot acrylic bong with a carburetor. I just put a screen in there and it rips pretty nice. I figured I would wait until I have my own house and don't need to hide anything to get a nice glass bong. For now though, acrylic works in my situation for party's and what not so it can't get broken.
  5. Well if ur getting serious, why not get a spoon, and a bong?

    but if ur gonna be a little less serious than that

    get a bubbler :yay::laughing:

    perfect combo of both, portable + water, and it makes the taste more apparent if u has the goods
  6. Yea I forgot to add that glass can break, but so can plastic.

    For a DRY piece a small bowl hole is a good thing. And with glass, avoid tall bongs- trust me.
  7. Always have a small glass bowl, also use screens i promise you will enjoy your piece much more.
  8. Never use a metal screen in glass, it defeats the purpose of buying glass. You can just use a small piece of a nug that's just big enough to cover the hole while still allowing some airflow, we call this a "plug nug".
  9. I got myself a nice $25 spoon pipe from my local headshop. Works wonders, and is easy to maintain. It's my baby. My glass, smoke filled baby.
  10. I have a glass sherlock that I really like. It isn't too hot of a smoke, and it sits upright. I think it was like $23 at one of the local shops here.

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