I want a nice WEAK spliff. Blend suggestions?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by jesseissorude, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. Wait! Hear me out!

    I'm the one-hit wonder. A packed one-hitter can last me a whole day.

    Joints are my favorite way to smoke, but I just want to post up with one full spliff to myself. I'd rather have a longer more mellow smoking "experience" and enjoy the flavor, but still only get about 2-3 decent hits worth of herb in my spliff.

    I've been blending with Bear Blend organic smoking blend, but goddamn it tastes bad!

    Has anyone found better herbs to cut their spliffs with? I'd prefer not to use tobacco.

    One possible option: Dried hemp leaves. Anyone made a spliff with that?
  2. Oohh, damn that looks exactly like something I'd be looking for! Have you tried it? How's the taste?

    I thought this Bear Blend stuff would be good, but the smoke is flavorless and harsh. Definitely overpowers my
  3. ^Surely that will spoil the taste of your weed? Just add more weed and take it easy
  4. Dried leaves can be harsh and shitty tasting. If they were good us growers wouldn't be spending hours cramping up our fingers and backs to trim them. Hemp leaves wouldn't be no different
  5. Mullein is pretty much flavorless and is about as great as tobacco for a better burn with no nasty drawbacks.

    Lavender is tasty, Catnip is tasty (pretty much the only mint species that's smokeable) although they burn about like Cannabis does. Those are about the only ones that don't really do anything and add flavor...Lots of other ones with decent burns (Not hella harsh) but they have mild effects...no more than tobacco though.

    Idk if we can discuss other herbs but I wouldn't consider these drugs so I'll leave it at that...
  6. Dried leaves will probably destroy the flavour of your buds. We recommend using something different.

    As far as lavender and catnip, you could try this. We don't have any experience with it.

    If you're going to use tobacco anyway, try American Spirit. It's very light and the flavour is minimal, but of course it does contain nicotine.
  7. theres a hemp product think its made i holland ,it was brought out to combat the no tobacco smoking in the cannabis cafe's ,,,its called i think 'Greengro' ,,,,,,but i cant recommend the taste of it .......mac.
  8. Greengo is seriously disgusting. It smells and tastes like someone set fire to a hamster cage.

    Not to mention that it's more expensive than tobacco, despite it not having the extra tobacco tax. That stuff is a rip-off.

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