I want a dog.

Discussion in 'General' started by GOLA, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Pick one, or try and talk me away from wanting a dog.
  2. I think you should get all of them! :hello:
  3. I'd go with the first one even though it's almost impossible to choose a puppy.

    They're all so fucking cute you just want to boil them up into some soup.
  4. I had a dog once. Don't get a dog.
  5. well that was my plan.
  6. 1, 2, 4
  7. just try your best not to get the RUNT of the group
  8. umm....OK?
  9. ding ding ding!!!:D
  10. Get a kitten.
  11. Bottom left one (#4). So awesome

    Me and my roommates are getting a little puppy schnauzer. Can't wait :hello:

  12. I had a cat once, too. Don't get a cat.

    Get a baby leopard gecko. They're teh cutest things.
  13. i like #4 personally
  14. Get A lab!! I can sit here and give you reason after reason, If you want.. I was raised around all types of dogs. And I love dogs and know alot of the different breads and their personalities!

    It just really depends on your lifestyle what type of dog you like.. When I got my lab, I lived at home and my parents owned chihuahua's and I hate those dogs!! Dont listen and have no respect.
    For me a lab was an easy choice.. Didn't need a dog that had any aggression in them because of my parents dogs (they would bite and hang on to cocoa (my lab) and she would just shake em off and look at them like they was dumb.. I love going to the lake and swimming and my dog was always right beside me jumping off of bluffs and all kinda stuff into the water and always keeps up w/ me.. Never walk her w/ a leash bc she says right on my left side no matter what..
    And I am by far no dog expert or anything.. Every lab I have came into contact with seems to meet you half way in their training.. anyway here is a pic of both my bitches :)

  15. Also, IMHO I think female dogs seem to ALWAYS make better pets than male dogs..
    Again, that seems to be the case in most (not all) dogs. Also spaiding is always a plus too

  16. I had a lab for 15 years, not opposed to the idea.
  17. should get a monkey and a dog
  18. LAST! Aweeee
  19. I fucking love Gibbons.

    Crazy mischievous little fuckers.

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