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i wanna try hash...whats best for 1st time??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mr.niceguy619, May 24, 2006.

  1. ok i've heard people say you can smoke it by it's self or mix it w/bud.....but whats the best way to try hash for my 1st time?? should it just be smoked by it's self or should it be mixed?? also how does it taste? i imagine it taste's like resin?
  2. Ewww, it doesn't taste like resin. It tastes like sweet sweet hash.

    To TRY it you should toke it nice n slow out of a bong/spoon.

    Later, if there's any left sprinkle it on a bowl or sprinkle it onto a blunt.

    When I have hash I always smoke it by itself. The thing with hash is that it's shitty to share. I never share hash when I have it not because I'm greedy but because it's a shaky thing to share... it's not very defined you know.
  3. why do you say dont share it? isnt it in a solid form so couldnt you just pass it like a bowl?? and if not ill still smoke it to myself:D
  4. I cna never get ahold of any..
  5. i'd say mix it with weed, get really stoned :D:smoking:

    It hits pretty harsh though so if you have a bong use it. And what type of hash is it if you know? just out of curiosity..

  6. what the fuck are you talking about!?

    just pass the damn pipe. one hit will do ya good.
  7. no i dont know what kind (didnt really think about different kind's available) but it's what ever the weed shop has:D
  8. its all we get here in israel, and i really cant stand it. the high sucks, it tastes like shit (earthly if you will) and what not. here, they sprinkle it with a rolled ciggarette, but i dont like the idea of mixing hash with bud, the bud tastes SOOOOO good. you can do the knife method also or a gravity bong.
  9. I see that you are a MMJ patient, what co-op do you go to out there in SD? But to answer your question I would say mix your hash with your weed if its your 1st time, the high will kick in very nicely. Also make sure your hash is a full melt, and the hash you want to get is either the Sour Diesel full melt or Green Crack hash. They are both very tasty and will definitely expand your mind
  10. how did you know im in sd?? the co-op i go to is in clairemont/miramesa/la jolla i like to shop around. what do you mean "full melt" man i didnt even know that hash was in different flavors (but ofcourse it makes sence) how much does hash go for up in your area?
  11. You should only hot knife good hash. That is what i think.
  12. whats hot knife?
  13. Cause of your user name you got the 619 in there. The term "Full Melt" refer's to dry sift or water washed bubble hash that not only bubbles, but fully melts (to the point that minimal, if any, ash is left, contrary to an equal amount of ash to smoked herb with typical hashish) to the point that clear, distinct bubbles can be seen. And yup hash comes in all sorts of different flavors and they even have hash oils as well. Up here for some good full melt it usually goes for $35 a G. But you can find cheaper hash presses as well.
  14. Roll it up in LITTLE balls, a little hash will do the trick, and knife hit it.

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  15. oh yeah i forgot about my screen name:eek: i guess the hash i've seen has been pressed (i see it in in a "block" forn and no bubbles and it looks like a dirt/green and they price it at $15-$20/g. ) do you think it is still worth it to try the pressed hash?
  16. Sure go ahead it is still some good stuff, just sprinkle some on a bowl and your good to go.
  17. yea man pack a nice ammount of weed and cover the whole top with hash, hit it with any type of water pipe and pull real slow, and keep the lighter on the hash until you clear it. its definetly good stuff you should try to get some hash honey oil that shit is really potent, enjoy man. Peace.
  18. well i plan to smoke it this weekend and ill be away from home (out of state) so i wont have any "water pipes" w/me will it still do good in a norml glass pipe? and whats the hash honey oil?
  19. Ok well I'm goin to Spain soon and I guess pretty much all they have is hash and I obviously can't bring a piece with me overseas and as far as I know you can't roll a J with hash... what's a man supposed to do?
  20. you can roll a j with hash, just break it up and sprikle it on ur weed and roll it into a joint. if you dont got any weed then you could do it with tabbaco. the best way to smoke hash is out of a hookah, its the most traditional way and its the best. but pipes or bongs work perfectly fine, and its not so harsh since it doesnt get as much smoke into your lungs as weed, since weed is a dried plant and burns faster. anyways have fun.

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