I wanna start growing

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by crazysmoker101, May 6, 2011.

  1. i just wanna know what kind of pots i would need and i dont hve any special light bulbs only light bulbs that you would put in a lamp or something i know i sound retarted but if i used aregular lght bulb 75 watts woul i get any bud at all or no? sorry if isound retarted i know nothing bout growing bud

  2. 3 gallon pots each plant.... CFL bulbs can work but you want 100w of bulb power per plant.
  3. so 75w wouldnt work? like i wouldnt get no buds at all?
  4. Well, you could.. but if you wanna grow..wouldn't you want to grow the best you could and maximize your yield?
  5. yeah i know i was just wondering because all i got is 75 watt light bulbs and like a 4 inch pot so i needa find or get a pot haha

  6. Plants generally grow no wider then how wide your pot is. So a little 4inch pot wont do it squat. A regular 75 watt light bulb wont either. All you will see is it stretching thin to try to get to the light.

    Go to home depot get a larger pot and look for Daylight CFL bulbs...compact fluorescence. They sell a 3 pack for like 10 bucks. Get yourself some clamps and turn em on.

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