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I wanna see shit...

Discussion in 'General' started by TomballGuy05, Feb 10, 2004.

  1. I wanna see I hear about people seeing shit, like seeing spiders crawling around and little green men and shit like that...I know im not gonna get like that from smokin weed, but what do I do/take to get that kind of trip? Im thinkin acid, but what else is there? Thanks
  2. Here are some off the top of my head ...

    Salvia divinorum = Legal
    DXM = Legal
    LSD = Illegal
    Shrooms = Illegal
  3. if you do any of those, look them up first. Look at what they can do to you besides make you trip balls, (i.e. fuck ur head up permanantly, get u addicted from one try, etc.)

    dont be stupid and have fun!
  4. Isn't LSD acid? What hallucinogenic is the least harmful? Is acid really as bad as people make it sound?
  5. i saw that, too. yes, lsd is acid.

  6. As previously mentioned, LSD is acid.
    On a different note, I would NOT recommend LSD or mushrooms at first. Try nutmeg or DXM for your first trip, then try shrooms, but stay away from acid until you've had at least a moderate amount of experience with other hallucinogenics. This is just my advice, take it or leave it.

    When I was a teenager, I spoke to my father about acid once. He shared his positive experiences, then told me something that has influenced my acid-tripping to this day:

    "Acid is a rocketship. You get on, the engines fire, and for 14 hours or so, you're not coming back to earth. You can never know for sure where the rocket will take you."

    Treat acid with respect, and it'll show you things that can change your life.
  7. "and it'll show you things that can change your life."

    Thats the shit I wanna something that really changes how you view a certain thing...that would be start off with Nutmeg or DXM first...? If they are legal then where can I get them? Thanks
  8. for LSD i'd start off with only one hit at first.... or even tear one in half and take just that....then progressivly work your way up.....

    and dxm is found in common cough syrup, just check the back and make sure its the only active ingredient (i forget what the full name for DXM is, but im sure someone else knows, or will look it up ;) )
  9. Try not to do too much DXM for your first time 'cause if you get a panic attack while you're on that you'll have badass hallucinations. Do a little bit for your first couple times, the trips start to get more controllable when you're used to it.
  10. SO HOW DO YOU DO NUTMEG?( oops caps)
    just pick one do it and trip its fun dont poozle out take a hit a sid or a 1/8th of shrooms woo hoo fun times

  11. maybe he meant PCP and Acid not LSD and Acid
  12. Nutmeg, you have to consume alot of it and it tastes rancid, and it has to be in the right form i think, not just the stuff in a jar. I've also heard that you can be tripping for a fair few hours, 12+. But is it really worth it, you'll probably be really ill, after all legals arn't like illegals....
  13. pcp=acid=lsd

    get with the program people

    if u wanna see shit, dont do dxm, youll need to take too much, and that usually ends up with u A)tripping balls for days, or B)not getting ANY sleep or C)puking the most painful throwup you will ever experience

    also a way i have found to see shit on dxm is smoke a LOT of weed....smoke a bong to the head and you will see mad shit
    watch out though, a lot of ppl i kno get paranoid when they do this and see cops and shit

    as far as nutmeg...ive eaten some of that shit, like a full bottle of it from a grocery store and it took so long, but it did make me stoned for like 8 hours which was nice...and it made every word sound like nmehg...hemheh
    it was weird

    shrooms-i recommend this, i love staring at a wall that was once blank and watchin a movie goin on in my head

    but then again for every drug i got my own talk for...

    acid, lil bro, dont do, u will FUCK URSELF UP, the only way u should do acid is if u are an experienced tripper (u have done shrooms a number of times), or if u have it laced in your weed

    peace mutherfuckers

    and ill prolly be trying some salvia soon

  14. umm yea u dont trip on the stuff in the jar, just makes u stoned for 8+ hours, and also

    legals arent like the illegals
    o yea cuz you kno all the legals make u sick right away and shit, all the illegals do is fuck up ur shit over time lol


  15. PCP Is NOT the same as LSD

    Look it up on erowid.

    Cocaine is a good time, but if you do it and feel like you "need" to do it again, you shouldnt ever do it again, but if you can control it, its fun
  16. Posted by gBong:

    "pcp=acid=lsd get with the program people"

    PCP is not acid. It's a completely different substance.
  17. Yes, pcp is powder...lsd is liquid, and you can't trip from lacing your bud with lsd.
  18. lsd isnt often a liquid.
  19. Just do acid or shrooms. Either 1 hit of acid or 3 grams of shrooms. Nothing else. This is scripture.
  20. Like others have said, DXM is nice, gelcaps are your friends... cough syrup is called that for a reason SYRUP!!!!

    Shrooms are nice, kinda scarey some times

    Weed is tripping me right now, i had some blueberry just now and i'm hearing these birds and there are no real sounds around me. Also i am seeing some guy shoot me but it's funny to me for some reason.

    Well, i'm fucked and i have to piss, TTYL!

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