I wanna see a stogie blunt

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  1. Does any one have a pic of a stogie blunt not like a swisher a real cigar a fat stogie and how much mj did u put in cause i really want to do this i just want to know how it was when you did it.
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    as in a cigarette? orr a joint?
    *never mind i get what you are trying to say. a good blunt. like a dutch.
    theres blunt appreciation threads
  3. as a blunt not like a swisher sweet blunt but like a stogie cigar

  4. i guess he means one so packed that its as if u replaced a the tobbaco in the cigar with weed and kept it the same like diameter
  5. yeah, well the last blunt i had was before my friends and i went to see notorious, put like 3 grams into a dutch. As to how its going to be like, like you just smoked a lot of weed.
  6. yeah take the tobaco out and keep the same size
  7. i wish i had a pic of one of my 'hiba blunts.
    them guys look the exact same as they do when the tobacco's in 'em.
    takes about 2-3 grams.

    i'll capture an image of the next one.
  8. No Op I have smoked a Stogie with bacco in it, but never with weed in it.
  9. Dang thats will be so awesome. yeah hit me up with the pic
  10. if your asking how much bud youll need for a good "Stoogie" (where i come from we call them gottis) i've done it a few times just emptying the dutch and packin it with bud takes a nice quarter (7g)
  11. Did it make mad smoke
  12. lol of course its just like smoking a cigar except its full of bud
  13. I did that a couple days ago. There was like 3g and it was good

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