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    Hello all, recently Ive been applying for school and going through all the financial aid bullshit and everything. But I cant break from this feeling that I dont wanna do it, any of it. I really just wanna grow herb. I was wondering how someone would go about getting into the medical marijuana business. Ive read about Oaksterdam university but then again its only for 1 weekend, can a 1 weekend class really prepare you for a career? It kind of seems like a scam or just a way to cheat stoners out of cash.

    Like i said this is what I really wanna do with my life and I just wanna find out what my first few steps should be. I dont wanna be looking back in a few years from now thinking "damn I really missed out". So like I said how can a young guy get into the medical marijuana field?
  2. I would advise against basing your career around weed. If anything, go to college for business and open a coffe shop once they legalize it.
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    Whats wrong with basing a career around weed? A man should do something that makes him happy right, something that he should be proud of doing. I dont wanna work in a dispensery or "Open a coffee shop" I want to grow marijuana for medical purposes, legally. I dont see why there should be a stigma around it. I just cant find any information on it so Ive turned to a very reliable source for cannabis culture related information.

    Edit: Business college? Come on man you think i wanna study that crap for 4 years with a bunch of douche bags who wear suits and hang out at Starbucks. I want to flee Babylon not become another cog in the machine.
  4. I thought maybe MBA w/ minor in botany. But I don't know much about college.
  5. Go to college for an agriculture major, or a bio major. I suggest agriculture if you want an easier one but minor in plants of bio or something. It is much better looking to go into the mmj business with a 4 year degree than an 18 yr old out of high school
  6. Well the thing with college is my parents are going though bankruptcy and im pretty broke myself. The financial aid does not look too good and thats part of the reason im posting this. So I was hoping for information related to on-the-job training or something. I know this is a shot in the dark but im squeezing the trigger.
  7. I would also advise to go into something more diverse, and then work your way into marijuana business. If you base your entire career around weed, and it is made illegal due to change of government, chances are you're fucked. If you have a good backround in business management with stuff that is not just weed, you'll have something to fall back on.
  8. i think your best chance is to move to Oakland or Hollywood. try to get your medical card. then just start growing. i don't have a medical card, but my understanding is that once you have that card you can grow and sell to the dispensers. i could be wrong on that. but they have to get it from somewhere right.
  9. go to college major in biology or something

    and grow bud in the meantime

    think about it... once you're 22 or 23 bud will be legal, you will have 4 years of college and 4 years of experience :D

    its a win-win

    who knows maybe you will even design some super powerful breed of green :D

    (also when MJ does become legal it may be 21+ so you'd have to wait a few years anyway)
  10. Just keep marijuana and growing as a hobby my friend. Once you start doing your passion for money, it's no longer a passion. It becomes a chore, and the stress takes out the fun.

    /2 cents
  11. i understand and support your dream.
    i would suggest going to a state school (6000-10000 dollars per year)
    and being on financial aid

    major in business with a minor in botany, agriculture, or bio
    then look to become a dispensary contributor or a dispensary employee

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