I wanna punch my friends in the face...

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  1. i know i wouldnt do what they did, and i'm kinda pissed. it is only friday night, after all. they all made plans and went out, and don't bother to contact me until they're in the city. my friend even picked up my other friend who lives like half a mile away, and neither of them even thought of calling me or texting me. there's more, but, its equally as unimportant as this whole post. i just needed to vent it out somewhere cuz i'm pissed, and then they act like its no big deal. these are the 3 friends that i always call whenever theres something going on/always ask them if they want to do something. i've known them all for 15-18 years, like.. wtf?? i guess im goin to bed at 830 this friday night
  2. Don't sweat it, shit happens. Everyone has had friends like that. Take it as a time to chill by yourself and smoke!
  3. Dude, been there and dealt with all that bullshit. I've actually used this type of happening to start cutting down the "fat" of my group of friends.

    Sure they'll say that you could have got in touch with them about meeting up but if someone says "hey I'll call/text you when I'm free/in the area/etc." it's kind of understood that they would be in touch.

    Last thing I want to do is be the person that is always calling and texting to ask "hey man what are you doing tonight?"

  4. yea, exactly man - but thats why i'm pissed. this is my group, fat that can't be cut out. I've known them my whole life, been in bands with them, grew up in the same neighborhood, etc etc, so its pissin me off. eh, fuck em
  5. You're not the only one having a shitty night, or week for that matter. Fuck them and do your own thing. If you have bud you're way ahead of me already.
  6. Maybe you're the friend nobody likes.
  7. [quote name='"Gryphonics"']Maybe you're the friend nobody likes.[/quote]
    That's messed up man lol...
  8. I understand the feeling but I recent had my bestfriends do this same shit for like 3 months straight.

    For example, I was off 2 weeks from school between Spring and Summer session and I received a text from one of them with a picture of them at the beach saying "A trip to the beach doesn't seem the same without you". If it didn't feel the same why didn't you assholes call me to invite me along? When he got home I ran into him at the bar and he was hammered and started into a long speech about how "it was all my fault" and that I was a "terrible friend who has never done anything for him"

    Some people only think about themselves and these same people are not good friends, no matter how long you've know them

  9. I got a little bud left from the last ounce i picked up... the same ounce i smoked out these same friends on all week :rolleyes::confused: i could have about 16 gs left instead of 1 or 2 :devious:

    seems like it, tonight, anyways

    yeah man exactly, i know how it is. I even made it clear i was kinda pissed off and they all have this 'play dumb, act casual,' attitude. like, i wanna believe them but this shit happens kinda too often. if you drove 15 minutes from your house to pick up my other friend who lives down the fucken street, you'd think one of them would call and be like ''yo, we're a minute away, we're goin to _______, you down?" or some shit. fuck i don't even think theres any shitty jason movies on tonight, wtf's up with that, its friday the 13th??
  10. I dunno man, you can't blame the entirely. Its not their job to call you every time they're doing something. I only call people when I wanna see what they're doing and if they wanna chill. People need to understand theres other factors and they aren't thinking about you all the time. But I do understand why you're mad. I don't think they did it on purpose, so its all good.

  11. yea, i hope they didn't, but... idk. this group of friends, we all do everything together. if i'm with 2 of them, we'll always call whoever the 4th is to see whats going on/if they wanna join, ya know? especially since its friday, they know i wanna go out. thats mainly why i'm mad - one friend literally drove by my house to pick up my other friend who lives 30 seconds away. i shouldnt be letting it get to me this much but i've been in a bad mood all day and stressed to begin with. theres a new album coming out by thenewno2 (george harrison's son's band) called "the fear of missing out" ... i guess thats whats going on right now. gonna just smoke the rest of my bud n hopefully fall asleep. as much as i love gc, i really didnt want to be spending my friday night here
  12. Just like the guy above me said. Take the free time to find yourself a girl

    Edit: without the bitch part
  13. Don't get so down about it... Sometimes people just don't wanna chill or there isn't room.. I've been like yeah we shouldn't invite so and so hell get annoying.. And I've certainly had it done to me... Just don't think so much of it and you'll be chillenn with them burnin and laughin... Last thing any one wants is the drama queen freakin out cause their feelings were hurt
  14. I have friends like this.. though it doesn't piss me off it just makes me sad. I wish there were people who would just call or texted you asking to hang out with no expectations, and to just accept who you are at that moment even if you maybe be shy, awkward, a bit odd or whatever the fuck people think you are. We're all people...
  15. and people laugh at me when i say i have no friends...

    but one day some people will understand
  16. Op, its all good. Your cool man. People sometimes space friends, etc. I would go out, meet new people so your not at home alone worrying about these other friends. do your own thing op. bestaluck bra
  17. Cry me a river.

    People don't invite every single friend to everything they do every Friday night.

    If my friends wanted to punch me in the face for not hanging out with them on a Friday, they wouldn't be my friends.

    If it happens all the time then something else is going on. But one Friday and you are freakin out? Cmon man.
  18. I agree with this guy.. If you were that intent on hanging out with your friends why didn't you text them or something? It goes both ways man..

    If one of my friends got this upset because they weren't invited to chill, when they never even asked to, then I probably wouldn't invite them places either lol. They're your friends, not your girlfriends, chill out. it'd be cool if they thought to ask you to come along, but they definitely don't have a responsibility to do so.

    I had a friend that acted like you are; he wouldn't call or hit up me or the rest of the guys in our band to chill. He would just sit at home and not talk to us, and then when we never thought to invite him places he would hold it against us.. Shit was kind of girly lol.. Your friends probably don't even know you're upset

    Idk man, rather than sit at home waiting for an invitation and getting mad, next time just ask them to chill ??

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