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  1. Only thing that keeps me from that are that:

    a) I'm incredibly shy. I can't look a girl (even one in a restaurant, for instance) and not look away and have my face turn red.

    b) I've been a solitary/small group kinda guy my whole life. So meeting girls at my age generally involves larger amounts of people than I'm accustomed to.

    If anyone has seen topics I've made in here before, I had a massive crush on a girl who I swear was from a dream. But she and I had a falling out and then her boyfriend only further made me seem like a jackass to her, so that killed every chance I had with her.

    I have a lot of heart and personality to show once I get comfortable with someone but breaking that initial shyness is very, very difficult to me.

    Probably been asked a hundred billion times, but what can I do that will help me become more open, and not as shy around women?

    Thanks for any help you all can offer!
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    I used to be really shy, too. I was fat, awkward, timid, but always really nice and giving. I still am, but I've lost the rest. Here's how I did it:

    pick up a combat sport - do it pussy, I recommend jujitsu or boxing, and don't slack off, you soon-to-be alpha male badass
    diet change - eat meat and veggies, lots of chicken, drink fruit smoothies for dessert, start taking dietary supplements like fish oil and vitamins, treat your body like a machine
    watch stand up comedy - this'll sharpen you up, and improve your sense of humour - try to study how they talk, immitate some speech patterns, pick up some good punch lines
    read up on current events - this will give you things to talk about, and will make you seem smart
    talk slower - this makes you seem more important, works weirdly well. Don't go full derp on it tho, don't speak stupidly slow. practice talking in front of the mirror, just like the sims
    grow a god damn beard - self explanatory

    good luck
  3. Be outgoing and sociable. Being the life of the party naturally attracts chicks to you. My main thing I do is I will smile at a chick and if she smiles back I will walk over and talk to her. Another thing thats pretty boss is I won't take a chicks number. I make them take my number that way if they are interested they will call me. If the chicks are like top notch and I mean top notch I will hand them my phone and have them type their number in
  4. Go to a strip club with a lot of 1 dollar bills, the shyness will go away in an hour or two.

    if you are under 18/21 depending on how screwed up the government in your area is, then pick up a hooker and get blown, best 15 dollars you'll ever spend.
  5. fuckin right man.
  6. You could do something silly and stare into space when she is talking to you and when she asks you why tell her that her beauty captivated you. AND MAKE SURE SHE KNOWS THAT YOU COULDA PICKED ANY CHICK IN THE CLUB OR PARTY AND YOU PICKED HER!! Very important.
  7. 1) tell yourself to man the fuck up when you are being a pussy. i do it all the time

    2) go to the library and take out books on how to be more sociable. how to speak with your hands ect. you can learn how to change everything about yourself
  8. If you show confidience, you're nearly there already. You don't neccis have to have confidience, fake it. But coming from my experience and my own girlfriend's turn ons for the OS, confidience is majorly attractive.

    Don't walk with your head down or walk as though you don't care much for yourself as a person. Realise that these girls are neither above you nor below you (only if you force her ;). They're not a more worthy human being than yourself, but you do have to realise that girls are just as insecure as you may be. (I don't know, I'm guessing here) You have to be able to face rejection, all guys do as they're more dominant for asking the girl out because chicks don't have the balls. As long as you've shown you have confidience and self worth, you'll already grab someones attention. Smile as much as you can even if you don't feel like it, and if a girl is looking you straight in the eye, show dominance by holding eye contact back (just don't be creepy about it). Love yourself man!
  9. start small get outside your comfort zone. if you see a girl you want to talk to, do it.

    it might not be easy, you might make a fool of yourself the first few times but just stick at it.

    also don't worry what people think of you, very rarely they do at all.
  10. Not every girl is turned on by arrogance. :p

    If some dude were acting like he could've picked any chick in the room and picked me, I'd turn him down just to make a point. :laughing:

    Confidence is definitely good, though. You don't have to act like you're god's gift to women, but even just being comfortable with yourself (or pretending you are) can go a long way.

    If you're too uncomfortable trying to "pick up" a chick, then just tell yourself you're making a new friend. Don't put pressure on yourself to impress anyone, you're just a person talking to another person. If you click, you click. If you don't, you don't. :cool:
  11. Well now you've met me. How hard was that?

    It's all a mental state. Practice meeting new people in general, then work your way up to meeting girls you find attractive.

  12. Exactly, alot of guys don't realize we're just people with vaginas. We enjoy most of the same things guys do. Talk about something that interests you, that way if she is interested she'll really be interested in you and not some act.

  13. hahaha but what if you are God's gift to women......JK :D. The key is to not be too confident also JD is right
  14. That one dude said grow a beard... That's all you need dude.
  15. Dude, beards are win for sure.

    Not because beards are a huge turn on for me or anything, but if I were a guy, I'd so totally have a beard.
    Fuck shaving every day. And fuck having stubble on your face, of all places!

    Plus, growing a beard might have the added benefit of scoring you a chick who doesn't expect you to be a pretty boy. :laughing:
  16. Seriously if your shy just practice talking to STRANGERS. That could mean guys or girls. If your nervous talking to new girls, just practice your social skills with everyone you see and meet on daily bases. Your in a store, try to start up a conversation with someone related to the current situation.

    I don't know how old you are but RIGHT NOW would be a good time to go to a grocery store as A LOT of girls will be shopping so you can have a lot of opportunity. Practice starting up a conversation with things around you. Just remember to be playful and almost like a tease with girls.

    Honestly, a lot of girls are looking for a story when they meet guys. Their sick of hearing the usual pick up lines like "baby you so fine" or "girl your the most beautiful bitch I've ever seen", girls want something different that they can call and tell their friends about. Don't be just another fish in the sea, give her something to remember you by.
  17. Thank you everyone for the input, it is greatly appreciated!

    I've always had that "I need them to like me no-matter-what" mentality. Which may be my biggest flaw as I worry too much about how I'm being portrayed to the other person.

    Pretty much the general vibe I got from you all so far is to just act cool, calm and collected, have a confident outlook no matter what, and always think of meeting someone new as an experience to learn from!

    It's really helping me get a idea for how I can expand my social horizons!

  18. I've had that problem in the past too (wanting people to like me no matter what), and eventually you come to realize that it's a useless way to think.

    Why would you want everyone to like you no matter what? Have you seen how many shitty people there are in the world? Fuck trying to make them like you. :p

    And really, what's the point in "getting" a girl to like you? You're not going to be able to spend your life with someone by being who they want you to be or who you think they want you to be. There's just no point in pretending.

    There's just no point in being anything but you.

    Maybe being you means you aren't able to pick up chicks so well. Join the club of all the millions of other men who aren't able to pick up chicks so well. ;)

    Doesn't mean you won't find anybody who likes you for YOU.

    Like I said before, take the pressure off yourself. Don't pretend that this is some hugely important interaction. There are billions of girls in the world. If you talk to one girl and she doesn't like you, move on to the next girl. Keep trying until you find a girl that you really click with.

    You aren't going to find that by trying to be someone else. Lasting relationships don't happen by pretending to be someone you're not.

    It sounds cheesy, but be who you are, talk to people as you are, and it's very likely that you'll eventually find someone who clicks with you. Hell, I did. ;):D
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