I wanna lose some weight and get my diet back on track.

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  1. And it's frustrating, because life is hectic. A lot of days I don't bother sitting down to have an actually meal, and end up eating some massive nacho or burrito at about 2 oclock because I'm starving. And then something quick and easy for dinner because I'm exhausted.
    And I really need to stop it. I've got about 15 lbs to lose. Not horrible, I'm at the upper end of what's considered healthy. I'd like to be more mid range to lower end because I really just don't like the way I look, and beyond that my energy level is fucking ridiculous. It's not as if I don't know how to lose weight, it's just, as I said, frustrating. With hectic life and all that. It's not that I necessarily eat more calories than I need, but my erratic eating schedule, and what I eat are definitely playing a part in the whole, weight to lose thing. Plus, you know, unhealthy and all that. Way too much sodium. Way too many carbs. S'gotta change, and forever.
    So the plan is to go back to basics. Try and kick the processed garbage in the nuts. Fruits and veggies and all that. I've actually been sort of thinking I might try going vegetarian for a while, just so I can get more used to natural foods. I justify a lot of the time, with all the garbage I eat, hey it's got meat in it, protein! If I can't do that, maybe I'll be better. But that's definitely not something I'll carry long term. I love bacon way too much lol.
    Anyway, help me out blades! Share any diet hacks you might know. And encouragement! I think it'll help, if I can come back here and read it.

  2. Don't try to go out of your comfort zone and suddenly go vegetarian. There's a big chance you will either fail in a few days or if you actually manage to survive you might have a rebound effect. Binging even harder with the wrong foods.

    You know what your problems are you pretty much listed it all out.

    losing weight is simple but not easy depending on how you tackle it.

    you definitely seem to have some motivational fire in you right now. Take it easy and start slow or you might just say fuck it and give up.

    Make food before hand like a weeks worth and put them in a tupper ware for each day of the week.

    Easiest to do is make some chicken either grilled, broiled, whatever the fuck you want brah

    buy a big bag of salad mix or make your own of your favorite veggies.

    Buy some whole grain pasta and cook enough to put in a small portion for each tupper ware.

    Eat 3 meals and 2 snacks like a banna or half a cup of blueberries. Whatever the fock you want. The trick is to not over eat. Fruits are full of fructose and its still sugar.

    You're going to have dedicate a few hours 1 week of the day to cook all the food. Nothings handed down to you man gotta do work.

    Try not too eat too late. Make sure you eat breakfast. A protein shake with a scoop of whey, half cup of grinded oats, low fat or skim milk.

    or buy some egg whites and make a serving of that treat your self with a couple of bacon on the side and a slice of whole grain toast.
  3. Oh and obviously drop the soda or limit your self to 1 every couple days. I guess you could drink sugar free soda but if you can drop it all.
  4. This is a great way for someone to start. Especially with the risk of failing miserably if you try too hard type-a-thing.
    But dude, I would encourage you to not be so scared of fruits. Natural, unprocessed sugar does not have the same affect on our bodies as shitty processed sugar does. I had scared myself away from eating fruits because of the sugar thing, cutting back to a banana and an apple usually at most for the day. But I've kicked that bad habit and am up to around 8-12 fruits a day. It keeps me filled, gets me the calories I need, and I feel great!
    Meanwhile, I stopped eating grains/pastas/wheats etc etc and pretty much cut all dairy products. None of it is really necessary in my opinion. I do have some occasionally tho when I'm cheating.
  5. I drink a lot of soda, but it's not really soda. I have free access to the soda fountain at work and it's old school. Mostly I fill my cup up with carbonated water, and just top it off a bit with a little Dr. Pepper. I drink diet soda sometimes, but not often. Makes me feel awful to be honest (the taste I don't mind so much). Other than that, a little bit of water, and a lot of black coffee and tea, unsweetened. Good hack, but not really one I can use unfortunately lol.
    Nah. No pasta. I'm cutting the processed carbs as much as possible.  Even whole grain isn't really that great for you. And I shy away from protein shakes. I'd really prefer to get my nutrition from real food. That's one of the biggest problems in the first place. I definitely know what kinds of foods I want to be eating and what not. I lost about 100lbs eating that way a couple years ago (and for the most part I've kept it off, I just never really got over that last 15 lb hurdle. I might have though, if I'd kept my eating right) . It's just I need the motivation to eat right again.
    Meat is one of my biggest issues honestly. It's one of the reasons I think going vegetarian might help. I'm extremely restrictive when it comes to the sort of meat I like. Beef or bacon mostly. I'll tolerate the occasional piece of chicken, but it's pretty meh to me. Which isn't necessarily unhealthy, but it does get boring, and I tend to go for the quick options rather than actually cooking. So I don't know, maybe, we'll see on that how I feel in a couple of days. I can modify this.
    The biggest thing that appeals to me about the whole vegetarian thing is I can eat most of that food raw. I don't have to find the time to cook it and all that when I'm away at work. I can just throw a big bowl of salad together and be done with it, a little cheese on top for protein. (Truth be told I'm a terrible cook >_<) and I do kind of love most vegetables to boot. Plus, you can eat a whole hell of a lot of it, without putting yourself in the high calorie range. I don't know though, maybe just meat for dinner when I've got the time.
  7. Yeah I'm on board with the low processed carb thing. And most dairy, but I will never, ever give up cheese! Lol. Fruit is okay, but to be honest I like vegetables more. Except for apples. Apples are the best.
  8. That's good that you like vegetables more. Just keep in mind that eating fruit gives you the calories that vegetables are seriously lacking.
    As far as your problem with meat - that is kind of an issue. Don't feel like you need to be eating so much protein - that's government propaganda many people just haven't figured out yet. All-natural foods and a well-balanced diet will give you protein. What does a cow eat? Grass. Not other meat so that the cow gets its protein. You know that cheese is not a healthy way to get any extra protein though. But I don't blame you - if I hit Subway it's cheese or nothing muthafucka.
    I would recommend trying hard boiled eggs to help get protein if you are still looking for protein. You can easily cook 12-16 eggs in a matter of 20-30 minutes and that's a good 4-6 servings of protein/meat to go with your foods. Also, nuts and seeds (and even beans!) are PERFECT for good fats and protein. Avocados are great as well.
    Dude, the fact that you don't have to cook on this kind of diet is the best!!! I spend the first half of my day eating fruits, nuts, and whatever meat was cooked the previous night. Then I have all night to get a good dinner prepared for myself (or my mom has already prepared it but that's just lucky me at this point in life). 
    You want a lot of calories! The more well-balanced, healthy calories you can eat the better off your body will be! This is where fruits and nuts become so important. That's where the calories are. Vegetables are great but they just don't carry the caloric energy we require.
    GOMBS - Greens (veggies), Onions, Mushrooms, Beans, Berries (fruit), and Seeds/Nuts.
    You got this!
  9. What I wrote was just a general guideline or idea you can tweak to your liking.

    as for the love of cheese you have. Try switching it up with some greek yogurt. Throw in some fruits and nuts in there if you'd like.
  10. zeal will help it also will make you feel so much better and its all natural. Zeal for life!
    Most cows that people consume eat GMO corn feed while never being able to move more than 2 inches on any side their entire life. 
  12. Cut out sugar and bread....double your vegetables. You are better off eating the meat of a McDonald's burger than the bread.
    And find some time to exercise. An hour a day, at least three times a week.
  13. That's my point. We shouldn't be eating these terribly unhealthy animals. However, a wild cow (though I'm pretty sure those are non-existent now) would be a nice lean, healthy choice for food. And what did the wild cow eat? Grass.
    They aren't non existent now-a-days just people are uninformed of the situation of factory farming, the potential negative health effects, and free range farming is viewed as a sub-choice to a lot of people.
  15. Word. So are we agreeing or disagreeing? haha
  16. agreeing I was just clarifying

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  17. Alright cool haha. Yeah man it's unfortunate that our meats are so mistreated.
  18. I dropped 50 lbs in one month though, but put it all back on rapidly and now I have boobs

    Omega369 :wave:
    Man that is REALLY unhealthy weight fluctuation, thats like almost 2 pounds a day how is that even possible.
  20. If his weight is way up there then 50 pounds would be possible I guess. But damn you're right about some unhealthy weight flux with that. Wow.

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