i wanna know about bongs

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    okay im just gonna throw down some questions
    what is the purpose of a percolator?
    why do people put ice in there bongs?
    like just explain some of the less common knowledge on bongs if you can please and thank you:wave:
  2. i put ice in my gravity bong.

    makes the hit cooler, smoother.
  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bong

    "The rationale behind the use of a bong is the claim that the cooling effect of the water helps to reduce the chance of burning the mouth, airways, and lungs. The water can trap some heavier particles and water-soluble molecules, preventing them from entering the smoker's airways.[6] Thus the mechanics or a bong function similarly to a laboratory gas washing bottle. This "filtration" can lead to the belief that bongs are less damaging than other smoking methods."

    a. percs allow the smoke to be filtered through water a 2nd time before it gets to your lungs, cooler smoke.
    b. ice, same thing. all about cooler smoke, smoother hits. better on the lungs, throat, etc.
  4. The purpose of a perc (and all other methods of diffusion) is so the smoke is spread out over a larger surface area making the smoke smoother(lots of little bubbles versus one large bubble of smoke). Ice just cools the smoke
  5. bongs will be your new best friend
  6. my pyrex is my best friend.
    but i do like bongs too, used to be my favorite.
    i remember when i was probably 12 my sister would start lettin me hit the bong with her once or twice and i would almost die.
    still do most of the time when i smoke out of bongs.

    great im ramblin'.

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