i wanna help!...*attention BH and SJ*

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by namron_420s, Jan 13, 2003.

  1. seems that bud head is the only guy moderating this forum...

    need any help?

    im here alot:D

    and contrary to popular belief do have some sense.
  2. We now have 8 super mods who moderate everything., I think we have enough moderators at the present time but we will keep you in mind..

    SJ will have to say yes or no. We have had two other people selected as moderators who is on the waiting list!.

    I'm sure you'll know soon!
  3. hey, thats better than nothin:D
  4. do the mods get paid and by who.
  5. I'm going to move this thread . SJ will see it there and let us know. I'll let you know!

  6. No the mods do not get paid. They only payment is from having a site that we all can enjoy for the years to come.
  7. Get paid? They had better not be getting paid, because I haven't been paid.
  8. BPP your paycheck was sent two months ago. Didn't you get those stones that I sent?? LOL
  9. Hey Norm, the first thing SJ looks at when checking out moderators is QUALITY of post.. just a FYI for ya my friend..

  10. somebody's cashing my checks!!!!
  11. I'm sorry.. I musta needed it worse than you..lol
  12. who are the 4 admits, all i know is SJ
  13. We can't tell you.. if we did we would have to hunt you down and kill you!
  14. I think SJ and one other admin both have 2 usernames for themselves.

    That's why there are 4.


  15. I'm guessing that it's a forum or subforum for the mods. Or maybe he just made it up. If it's real I'd have to guess it's '' because it looks like SuperJoint's initials (SJ).

    Oh, and Bud Head forgot to mention the super secret mod-wing of the city; headed by me. If I told you the name of it I'd have you travel back in time to stop your ancestors from ever having existed. I can do that.[​IMG] beware .lol.[​IMG]
  16. SJ has a couple extra identites. He may be watching you right now and you don't know it. lol

    Area :D is just to keep ya'll in suspense..,
  17. Attention; an errant moderator has begun to place smilies in the posts of high ranking, tripple secret Goderators. It has also been brought to my attention that the smilies in my previous post have exceeded the limit set by the GrassCity Strategos (whom you're not to speak of). If further clandestine smilies are brought to my attention the punishment will be swift and horrible.[​IMG] Aw screw it, here's a funny picture :D

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  18. LOL nice pictures!
  19. Krazi.... you're crazy! lol

    pretty funny.

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