I wanna grow some weed for the first time but got some problems i need someones help

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by IluvRootBeer, Oct 8, 2002.

  1. I really wanna grow but where can i grow it and will it look noticeable cause i live with my parents does any one know how to make a home made bubbler system or something i just need help if some one could give me a good set up and not to get caught taht owuld be great
  2. u could try to build a table-like cabinet or a small enclosed shelving unit
  3. could you explain that a little more?
  4. u get 3 piecies of wood each the same size and glue or screw them together, the front part you can make several ways,

    Do you know how to work with wood at all?

    Do you have a basement or attic or any other hidden space in you house or a semi-wooded area around your house?
  5. Yup ive got the perfect place okay tell me more come on keep it coming and i can work with wood
  6. Heeeeyyy,
    I got the same problem guy. Where are you going to hide your growing spot. I live in a house with no spare bedrooms/basments/or attics. I dont really know I a good spot, My closet isnt that big so... I i wonder if I could build like a fake dresser or something...but I dunno. Lemme know how your setting it up

  7. there are several ways to do it

    u could buy a cheap dresser and take the drawers out and just put the faces of them back on

    or simply build a enclosed table-cabinet and put a lamp on top so it would not look suspisious

    if u have a walk-in closet u could build a fake back for it

    the biggest problem is the lighting which will increase your energy bill which ther is no way to hide that i know of
  8. Well at least your creative. I think I might try your first fake dresser concoction, sounds fun. thanks for posting.

    you could also do as I am... and have a metal shelving unit covered in space blankets, illuminating like crazy, extension cords and timers hanging all over the wall by it, and a flashing neon light on top that says "mary jane lives here."

    on second thought... use the fake dresser.

    take care.

    Dont get caught!
  9. Well,
    I dont quite think I could pass off a fake dress to my parents and then put in my closet. Of course, my mom and dad would check it out and see how good I made it. Plus I dont have 6 feet. I have about 1 3/4 by 1 3/4 feet. Bigger than it sounds yet still small. Is this good enough for 1 plant. I can let it grow to about 24 - 30 inches tall, meaning i would probably want an Indica strain or force flowering early. I have some pics of my closet and a blue print(hehe kind of). Also, I dont have the money for HPS lamps. Are there any other lighting that will do the job? Like a heatlamp that you would use on an aquarium? Or a certain kind of flourescnet? I would probably grow it in a chest/suitcase/box lined with the dull side of foil in the space. Thanks much everyone. Please reply.
    Happy growin!

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  10. 1st Closet Pic

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  11. And the final pic

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  12. thats just like mine just like my closet can you do anything with that little space

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