I wanna get high/stoned

Discussion in 'General' started by TheDarkSide, May 24, 2007.

  1. Ok.. I probally smoke the best Hash and probally the THC is higher then anything you people smoke.
    The problem is, I just smoke pot as a routine, it's more of a habit. I dont get that high anymore, and i want it..

    I need suggestions... Should I plan a trip to Amsterdam, have anyone of you people been there? Please advise on the pot available in coffeeshps, are they really good?
  2. Take a break?
  3. Tolerance break would be your best bet.

    Easy & Free
  4. I just cant do it, i just cant...
  5. Then that shows that you really do need a break...

    Take a hint.
  6. it's cannabis, you don't need it to live.
    you're not going to die if you stop
    just go on a break
  7. dude I used to smoke a quarter a day straight to the dome, if not more.

    Now, I'll smoke like a bowl pack or two, and trust me when you don't toke everyday you get mad high easier.

    It sucks in the beginning but getting high without spending like 100$ rocks.
  8. well since you smoke better ganja than all of us then you're shit out of luck. Go buy some heroin. that should do the trick.

  9. no offense... but yes you can... if you cant live without weed for a week or two i dunno what to say to you
  10. :rolleyes::rolleyes:
  11. I suggest crack.
  12. Whoa, let's not go and advocate highly addictive drugs that will ruin him financially and oh yea maybe kill him?

    Heroin and crack are not the way to go, I can tell you countless stories of why they are just very very bad.

    I'm sure you smoke some good herb, but let me tell you, so have I, it's all about willpower and if you don't have enough willpower to not smoke weed everyday, I don't suggest ANY kind of hard drug, you'll end up and addict and dieing.

    So just take a tolerance break.
  13. Lol you say that you smoke better hash with more THC than anyone here? Thats a classic.:p


  14. KSR- ADOPT ME PLEASE!! :hello::rolleyes:

    to the op: Yes we know. EVERYONE on here smokes the dankest dank. EVERYONE is puffing on panama redXwhite widowXpurple Haze super hybrid that marley and Hendrix shit out their arses. Stop smoking EVERYDAY!!! thats your problem. You think it's tough to quit? Try quiting coke after going for 1.5 years, up to an 8ball a day.

    Smoke some cigs instead. If You're like me, you just NEED to smoke. If not, buy a hookah. THe wonderful tasting tobacco mixed with like a 10 bag will get you FUCKING RIPPED. Your only options are to:

    1. Get better weed, but your problem will get worse.
    2. Smoke more, but your problems heighten, and your wallet shortens
    3. Cut down! Best option.
  15. sure...;)
  16. :cool:
  17. Like someone said...if you don't think you can quit then you definately need to. I was up to around an ounce every 3 days or so. One day I finally said "Fuck this, QP's cost way more than eighths. I'm done." So I quit for a month and started over. It's good for you, I promise.

  18. aha! YES! You all should bow down to me, as I am KSR mini-me. God I love shrooms. Holy shit guys, There's a penguin sitting next to me- he said his name is Fred... This can't be healthy...
  19. Lol, What the fuck?
  20. I had a good laugh whilst reading this post, some of you guys are just hilarious, but don't take it the wrong way, I like it.

    You guys also took what I wrote the wrong way... let me explain..
    I live in Lahore, Pakistan? I know some of you are thinking, what the fuck is that?
    It's a country in Asia, and Lahore in a city, well a nice city if you're a regular toker..
    You get the BEST hashish straight from Afghanistan if you have the right contacts, and it's like .. sorry for the language once again, i dont know if children are allowed on this forum, FUCKING FREE.
    You get like 50kg worth of best hash for like $40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Which brings me another point, and I apologise for the long post, There's not much a guy can do here.. You can't even get alcohol, even beer, without a long process as they're prohibited

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