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I wanna get high so bad

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WickaTricka, May 12, 2011.

  1. I'm so stuck on what the fuck to do so I was hoping you guys would help me out. I got caught with 10 grams of weed and they sent it in to the prosecution
    and its been like 2 months and I haven't heard anything so Idk if I should start smoking again or not, everyone is saying that their not gonna do anything or that their waiting for me to mess up again so they can hit me with two charges. What do you guys think Please help me.........
  2. Do it do it
  3. Yeah man dont fold. Hold out till you can smoke without it weighing on your mind. Trust me, I'm in a similar situation.
  4. I'm not sure they can hit you with two charges...Or at least it shouldn't hold up in court, double jeopardy or some shit.

  5. Well they can pretty much prosecute me a year from now if they wan't too, its all about if they decide not to they can still turn around and do it. Where I live the court system has been sued so many times because its so fucked up.
  6. I would prefer peace of mind over some smoke, easily there stuff that we can all start working on instead of gettin ripped. Hey take the opportunity to do something productive or get smashed and go to the bar, if it so pleases you.

    ^ That's fucked.
  7. Either way unless they're going to drug test you before your court date how are they going to know. (unless your caught again) if anything it will take your mind off it for a while and you'll get some sleep. Don't stress but don't get caught again
  8. If your being randomly drug tested, dont smoke, if not, get blazed
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    [ame=]YouTube - NWA & Ice Cube & Eazy E Fuck The Police[/ame]

    EDIT: blaze that shit up!
  10. so what I should smoke because they havent even gave me a court date yet and im afraid that if they do then I won't be clean enough in time for the drug test.
  11. dude smoke away it was your first offense your good
  12. when they let you off the hook for this kinda shit they are looking at you thinking your gonna fuck up big time after multiple offense
  13. You will just get a misdomeaner (sp?) with that little ammount, it takes courts a few months to actually process a report. You should be getting a letter soon, just wait and take one for the team and smoke some k2/spice haha
  14. Thats what i'm thinking, I'm going to make a confession I was dealing and they found a few hundred dollars on me and they just smiled away as I was in handcuffs =/ luckily I didn't have my scale on me or I would be in deep shit. so I'm not sure
    whats going on.
  15. personally Id just smoke, but it depends on if you are willing to take the risk
  16. Don't. Unless you don't care about more charges and probation. Just wait until everything is over with. It's not crack you can hold off for a year if you need to.
  17. Just do it !, It's not a crime to smoke MJ....

    What,? ..Whats That ?...It is ?...

    Sorry.... Please disregard that advice
  18. yea i dont think you're going to get drug tested.. but stay cautious and dont smoke too often if you think you gonna get tested
  19. If you're going to start smoking again definitely insure that you don't have more than a gram on you at any given time. Or better don't have weed on you at all.
  20. Dude, toke it up. They are required to give you some form of notice before a drug test. I think its a weeks notice. I am a heavy smoker and I passed a drug test in four days. I had over a week to prepare, but I just didn't give a shit and smoked up till four days. I then threw a garbage bag over my torso. Tearing a hole for my head and arms, and threw a sweat shirt over the bag. I then ran a lot all day. I drank two gallons of cranberry juice, and lots of water. Also, only use the middle part of your piss. The THC is most concintrated at the beguining and the end. It doesn't take much Urin to count either. You only have to fill the cup little. Don't worry about drug tests bro. They're really easy to pass.

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