I wanna Bush my Master kush plants

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  1. I have three Master kush clones that I planted recently, one I had to plant a week earlier than the other two because it was cut alot earlier. It had started to wilt at one point but I cut a bunch of leaves off and gave it a decent amount of clonex for a couple days and it came right back to life.

    I already went down to my grow room and topped her once, that was a few hours ago, and I cut one side branch so it would grow two more branches. If I want to keep my plants shorter and bushy, whats the best way of topping and cutting them?
  2. I harvested 4 plants of MK last month and got 15oz yield but my highest yield plant was 7.5oz dry. My girls were about 28" tall. I topped, fimmed and used hi defoliation technique. The stripping of fan leaves 2 times in veg made new nodes come closer together (like cloning does as well) and spurred more bushiness overall.

    Of course, with bushy ass plants, much light will be needed, and to do this I also defoliated (removing nearly all fan leaves) after stretch and through the rest of flower.

    The results for me was a great strain with really nice yield. If you're unfamiliar with these methods, I suggest googling: Defoliation Hi Yield technique

    This method creates mucho bush.

    Hope this helps.

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