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  1. im looking into my winter project and cant believe what i THINK ive found out....the lights..(metal halide?) are very cheep. my space is about 6x10 (itsa bathroom) lol and if you think about it, it seems like a perfect place...i was thinking of maybe a 400w? ,is that right? think that might be enuff.? im also set to dismantle an old phototron, for some flourescents and a nice sodium light thats in it for some reason.or maybe i should keep it intact...my goal is winter fun :) good mommas and clones for the spring.
    if im not even on the right track finish laughing and help a little stoner out :)
  2. As long as you put one foot in front of the other, you are always on the right path!
  3. its lightproof and not used,only in the us...tooomany bathrooms..ive considered venting and have a pretty good idea on that..ive started bugging my husbands friends for good seeds and all our crap back=AKA phototron and sodium light. would those be worthwile to get back and dismantle????i fighure this room can be turned into a 4 5 plant thing easily...i would get a smaller watt bulb.im going to have to do ALOT of reading on this hydro thing.
  4. I would keep that phototron intact with flourescents only. Remove the sodium,,how many watt is the sodium? Why?...for the seedlings,clones that will be a good start for them..use the sodium in the bath.
    50w per sq. ft. is the better formula 35w per sq. ft. is the minimum...so you should have 2 400w for that space of 600 sq. ft. 1 of them should be MH the other can be MH or Sodium.MH is preferred in the veg cycle,sodium is better for the flowering cycle.. I will assume that the sodium in the phototron is a mere 70w ,,this can be possibly used as an addition for flowering cycle.
    If this is your first true grow I might suggest growing organic instead of Hydro. Organic medium is more forgiving,,Hydro is not forgiving,,1 mistake and the plants could die.If you maintain a quality mother plant,,keep it organic,,,I kept a mother for twelve years organically.......feel free to ask any further....
  5. this is either going to make or break meheheifthe biggest part of hydro is the nutrients it might be managable...im goina check it out i think.
    .eh i only read about if for almost a whole 10 minutes...
    lol of course its would only be for personal use critterman, iam as pure and innocent as the driven snow and would grow it for no other such reason.
    and if all else fails i have a nice receipe for dirt :)
  6. g-day
    this is somthing i cant believe i waited so long to check out... ill have lots of questions. but i dont believe we'll be payin the dopeman 140 for an ounce a week anymore :)
    peace an luv
    highaways drunklllllllll stoned but never mean
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  7. ok i had a little drunk on when this got rollin last nite so.
    is the basic idea of hydro to have the correct solution of water and nutrients drippin/washing/runningthru/ or whatever, just the roots.? and many various setups would work, right? why such a rapid growthrate?
    thanks again.....im sure i will never do such a thing, im just a dreamer :)
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  8. Increased volume of oxygen to the root structure helps the growth rate.
  9. One more thing, you got to keep the ugly dog out of your gro room or he will piss on the plants. There's nothing worse they the "eau du canine cologne" on your babies.
  10. A woman after my own heart......Hey, if ya been thinkin about it this much ya might as well go for it!!!! Hell if ya got another xtra room I'll come over and we'll make a party project out of it!!! LOL!!! Seriously, I want to bad but my house is too small and probly not very light proof. My dlr wont go any less than 175/oz. so I'm gettin it $50 at a time. GOOD LUCK!!!!
  11. highawatha,

    Hello there! I have grown in both soil and hydro and I have to say IMHO I think hydro is easier after you get it dialed in. How many soil growers could in theory leave the kids alone for 2 weeks. Mind you the PH and TDS levels should be checked every couple of days I have yet to have to make adjustments other than adding fresh water after I got the Nutrient solution correct. Try it plus on overgrow.com there is a GREAT FAQ on hydro plus many inexpensive first time hydro setups with parts easily purchased from Wallyworld (Walmart). Try it... Its not as dirty as soils either but some say the taste is not the same as soil grown.

  12. which one takes the most space? from top to bottom. i have height restrictions so i'm looking for a shallow solution to dirt is hydro a good alternitive? thanks

  13. There are some low profile hydro systems you can build. Depending on what style of system you like (Ebb&flow, bubbler, DWC) All have different benefits. YOur best bet is to get to know how each one works and then you can decide which sounds easier to maintain for your space. I use Ebb & Flow because I have a large area and a large light. I have seen some bubblers that are 6" high and could handle a pretty good size plant. Go to Overgrow.com and check out the GrowFAQ it has tons of great info. It takes you from germination to curing and describes several different hydro systems with plans! I sound like a spammer but I dont work or have any afilliation with them they just have tons of free information. Keep me posted I would be glad to help if I can.
  14. i use 430 hps ,but i have a coversion bulb for mh! this gives me both for about $350,cant beat it i have (4) twin flours around her with plant & aquium lamps! its a 8by 12 room but i have a 8by8 in use!try a conversion bulb they make them for hps&mh! they run about $69.99 i keep the mh in3 days thin 1day for hps when they go to 12,12 i go hps for3days then2 days mh .the last 2 weeks i go hps and finish with aweek of darkness!good luck tazz11
  15. thanks for all the help advice, turns out that i have a much better understanding of horticulture now. traded the tron for a 750 wtt somthing with a hood. and will just buy floresents--oops for starting, and my goal clones. we are going to play with some indoor seeds an see what happens.
    thanks blades
  16. Keep us posted............Grow On..


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