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I"ve been thinking again

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Aug 21, 2002.

  1. Damn now my stoned head hurts! Must remember not to think when stoned!

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  3. My brain just goes out for a walk when I'm stoned. No use that lump of cells hanging around doing nothing..... he might get angry and give me an embalism.....
  4. "It's da brain pain, Coach!"
  5. tsk tsk Bud Head, you know how dangerous that can be...

    Now go upstairs and toke your brains out.
    Don't come back here until you are nice and stoned!
  6. I usually don't think to much when stoned. Last night I just had a brain storm on some things and my stoned mind couldn't handle it. I guess i need to let the brain rest when i get stoned!!!

    Ganja i thought you were going to send me to my room. Then i read the rest of your post. LOL


  7. So that the cause behind male pattern baldness! ;)

  8. NOPE!!!!!

    Do you want me to explain to you men why you have receding hairlines and bald spots in the back? Well, not that any of you guys are experiencing this phenomenon....but here is is.......HATS!!!!!!! Every man I've ever know who wore ballcaps constantly now have receding hairlines and bald spots. I SO believe what I'm saying here.

    Yeah....I'm what?

    If thinking while stoned did it, then wouldn't it do it to the girlies, too. See, I'm right!!!!!!!!!! Plain and simple!!!!!!

    Heh....this is what thinking while stoned does to this girlie!;)
  9. Actually baldness is caused by DHT (dyhydrotestosterone) and all you have to do is go to Bosley Medical and they'll fix you right up ;)

    p.s. I never watch late night T.V. ;)
  10. i know a balding woman.....she looks funny

  11. Sorry to bust your bubble honey but i know alot of men who have wore hats for 20 years and have more hair than most women!

    Besides alot of women wear hats as well and their not bald!

    I do love how you jump in with both feet!!!!

  12. My bubble is well intact, thank you very much. Bust MY bubble??? :::::she's laughing hysterically::::::::::

    I still say that every man I have known who wore baseball caps ALL of the freakin' time are lacking hair. I can't help it if it seems like a coincidence (although I think coincidence is just a word thats meaning doesn't exist but I'll save that for another thread) but that's the way it is.

    But I dig that you like how I jump in with both feet...that's the only way to go, don't you think??????
  13. its great, unless you jump in with both feet on the subject of love....then your legs get snapped off at the kneecap and rammed up your ass.

  14. I must be an exception to your theory, I wear hats constantly and have a full head of "down to my ass" length hair!!

    I believe baldness is hereditary..........YA GET IT FROM YOUR KIDS!!!!! LMAO!! So I guess mine must be special, as they have not caused me hair loss yet!!

    BudHead, if ya want to see what really happens when ya think while stoned, check out some of BPP's threads!!! LMAO As in his yuppie Bed & Breakfast conversion of his home!!!!

    420girlie, a Babe like you should never have TIME to watch late night T.V. . There are so many much more FUN things to do late at night......or evening.....or at lunch.....or in the morning!!! :) Sorry but being away from home so much makes me concentrate on the really important things in life, like gettin Blazed and tryin' to catch up on the SEX I miss while on the road!!! :)

    ganjaphish, you can be my Doctor anytime!! You always have the perfect remedy what what ails a person!!! TOKE YOUR BRAINS OUT!!!!
  15. yeah i got a headache yesterday and smoked a bowl. my friend told me i was selfmedicating myself, and i said yer DAMN STRAIGHT it works better than excedrin and doesn't keep me up all night with the caffiene in it lol!!

    BudHead i THOUGHT about sendin ya to your room but thought a nice phat bowl would serve you better..

    As for balding men and caps... I've heard rumors of it too, but the one balding guy friend I have never wears baseball caps, and the other ones do and have full heads of hair.

  16. Cowboy LOL

    Ganja, baldness is from being extremely sexual. All the wild harmones burn up the roots of the hair!!!!

  17. Sounds like a quote from a balding man to me!!!! LOL
    If it were true most of us guys would be totally bald by high school graduation!!!!! :) :smoking:

  18. Actually i think i lost all my hair because some of the women i know was using hair removal cream and it must not have been all washed off!!! LOL

  19. Don't worry cowboy, I've been gettin' mine. You just haven't been around to read about it. In fact I even got called a slut by some stupid psyco bitch who shall remain nameless (unless of course you PM me ;) ). There's been some other bullshit drama too. Like a week and a half ago I had sex with this really hot guy that I've had a crush on forever, and then yesterday I found out he has a girlfriend, and conveniently forgot to mention that to me. Sadly, it probably wouldn't have changed anything if I knew, but it's nice to be informed, You know?
  20. True Dat!!!! You ROCK!! Fuck the "Pscho Bitch:!!

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