I used to think it was amazing that the universe exists and wonder why...

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  1. But now I realise that it makes sense that we exist, because it is impossible for there to just not be anything. To have absolutely nothing exist, you need something to exist for it to be nothing by comparison. And can nothing exist without the observation that nothing exists. Try to imagine nothing, I bet its the only thing you can't imagine. I bet you can imagine anything you so desire, except nothing. I don't know what you think of when you imagine nothing, or what colour it would be, but I imagine it as every colour at once and no colours at all at the same time. Like someone wipe a magnet over the harddrive of the universe and reset it so it can only be observed as no signals from one side, or every signal from the other, but then the universe would set about recreation as it then sets about on its journey to equilibrium. And so I no longer think our existence is a miracle but rather inevadable.

    Please discuss.
  2. Wow...mind = blown
  3. Cool man, thats what I was going for.
  4. I get what you're saying, but what if nothing actually existed and everything was just nothingness without anyone or anything to confirm that it's in fact nothing. What if there literally was just nothing and this nothingness wasn't anything at all? Nothing to be aware of the nothingness. Imagine that? That would suck. Just nothing forever. Holy shit, that's kind of scary. I'd rather live knowing one day it will all be over, but atleast we have what we have. I appreciate every moment and I'm astounded that any of this is even happening. Life is good. :smoking:
  5. it wouldn't suck at all. it just.... wouldn't
  6. But here is your fault in logic; for our existence to be inevitable, it requires our existence to not be, at first.

    So there would have to be nothingness first, considering for something (such as the universe) to be even be inevitable to exist in the first place assumes that it was non existent before.
  7. unless you believe that the universe is something that always was. The absence of which would be something that always wasn't.

  8. If at one point there was nothing, that would be considered one nothing...

    " The Pythagorean number metaphysic was also reflected in its cosmology. The unit (1), being the starting point of the number series and its principle of construction, is not itself strictly a number; for, to be a number is to be even or odd, whereas, in the Pythagorean view, “one” is seen as both even and odd. This ambivalence applies, similarly, to the total universe, conceived as the One. There was also a cosmogonical theory (a theory of the origins of the cosmos) that explained the generation of numbers and number-things from the limiting-odd and the unlimited-even-a theory that, by stages unknown to scholars, was ultimately incorporated into Plato's philosophy in his doctrine of the derivation of sensed realities from mathematical principles." Pythagoreanism : Metaphysics and number theory -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia

    Now you' have to do some in depth research to know what I'm on about, but my theory is also supported by the flower of life sacred geometry cosmogonical theory.
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    Any particular reason why nature would compromise its being to care about our sense of nothingness? The amazing stuff happening in the ocean?
  10. It would to me
  11. Yeah I've thought this too. Nothing is something. What does nothing look like....completely dark abyss?

    A completely dark abyss is something.

    I just don't understand why it's gotta be so shitty here on Earth.

    Another thing that is unfathomable is the beginning of the universe. Think about the beginning of the universe...but there had to be something before that. But there had to be a beginning. It's completely incomprehensible and an answer we will never figure out.

    Also the fact that the universe is infinite...that seems crazy to me. But the end...if there's like a wall...there's gotta be something on the other side of the wall. But infinite just seems crazy. Like wow.

    So many mysteries of this universe.
  12. I think you guys are trying to hard...You cant conceptualize 'nothing'. There is 'no' thing to conceptualize. I can however very easily imagine what nothing is like, its like a big pile of nothing. There is nothing to imagine, to see, to experience, it does not exist. If 'nothing exists' it does not mean that there is this thing that exists(nothing) It means there is no thing in existence.

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