i used to have a poltergeist

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  1. haha, a poltergeist is like a ghost that moves shit around. but seriously. this was like 2+ years ago by the way..
    well the first time, i was with a friend home alone and we were on the computer. were just sittin there n out of no where this like bead comes flying up behind us and hit the wall in front of us haha we freaked out and ran into my bed under the covers.

    the second time, i was just chillin with 2 of my friends, home alone again and we're standing by this table and there was a water bottle on it and all of a sudden it flew up and went across the room. we hid in my bed again haha,

    and then the third time i was with a friend {home alone of course} and my room was like a family room and the kitchen was right next to it without a door. well im sitting in front of the walkway between my room and the kitchen cuz thats where my computer/chair was. and i didn't have a phone at the time so i told my friend that i needed to use her phone and then all of a sudden it flies from the kitchen in midair with a fucking KETCHUP PACKET attached to it and hits my foot.. im like.. wat the fuck?!

    haha my mom would say that it was cuz we were young girls with like alot of energy and we were rebellious n shit. and with all of them we were home alone. and i know that it wasn't one of them doing it because all 3 times i was with different girls.
  2. crazy. all of this immortal talks gets me thinking. i kinda wish i could have 1 little experience to see what its like.. haha
  3. It is scary as fuck lol not exactly fun. :devious:
  4. yeah i agree haha im glad it doesn't happen to me anymore.

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