I used to be so ignorant!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I cant believe that i used to be ignorant about weed...... Just like the general population i was brought up to believe that if you smoke "weed" than your a junkie. Until i my buddy that i was in the military with educated me on PROP 19 and NORML and the laws and the people that used it to medicate. Lets just say visiting him in Santa Cruz opened my eyes :)

    But Im from TX so I guess my level of PTSD and pain isnt the same as his PTSD and pain is in CA.... Or any of the other states that allow patients to medicate.... I was given ambien for sleep issues cuz of my PTSD and I couldnt even handle playing Modern Warfare 2 without having to stop because of all the activity i was doing when ambien was in my system. I felt on edge and worse off then i was before I took the "MEDICINE" thats supposed to help....

    But give me a bowl of strawberry haze and my relationship with my GF has gotten better no more angry outbursts or feeling empty for no damn reason and I actually look forward to sleeping because with the Ambien I would wake up groggy and sluggish all day long.... I aced my finals on Purp Train Wreck.....

    I would understand if across the board that MJ would not available to anyone.... But as a patriotic american that has served my country and did 2 combat tours to Iraq I feel that I should get the same treatment for the same problems as anybody else in the country... talking about the "Medicating states" thats where I see the argument and that is my argument!!!!!
  2. I just skimmed this, but yeah I broke up with my ex-girlfriend a few years back because she smoked weed and did a couple of non-hard drugs. Oh how the times have changed...
  3. OK, I have a question, please don't take offense.

    But maybe if you have PTSD (and I'm not questioning that you do), perhaps you shouldn't be playing ultra-realistic combat video games?

    Just doesn't seem like it would be conducive to your overall well-being.
  4. Skimmed it aswell, but yeah, I used to think it was this horrible thing and I stayed away from anyone or anything that had to do with it. So weird to think how much I've changed :smoke:
  5. well, weed won't make you become a failure in life

    but honestly, I do know a fair number of failure-pot smokers, who, like every other person who had potential that failed, ultimately gave it up for some pleasure.

    dunno, can't ignore that shit
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    Good, i am very glad that you no longer take ambien.

    I have worked in a pharmacy for about 5 years now and have gained some insights into the pharmaceutical industry that have really opened my eyes and made me question drugs and how willing people are to take them.

    You wouldnt believe how little the average patient knows about their medication. Granted there are some that do their research and ask the right questions and know exactly what they are taking; but many patients couldnt tell you the name of their medicine much less why they are taking it and what it actually does.

    I am no doctor and you should not take any medical advice from me. But in my very limited knowledge of you from your post, it seems like your doctor just prescribed you ambien so that you would be able to easily go to sleep and stay asleep every night. This is a classic example of treating a symptom and not dealing with the problem.

    By the way, ambien is very effective at its job. It gets people to sleep and after using it for a little bit people become unable to sleep without it. It is habit forming... that's just the drug intustry's euphemism for this shit's addictive. Ambien is one of the more prescribed drugs out there, and people go batshit and get anxious or burst into tears whenever they cant get it (whether its due to insurance or prescription problems). It seems to me that Ambien is just another overprescribed drug that doctors write so that their fat, inactive patients can sleep each night rather than eating a healthy diet and getting some exercise (this applies to my rant about ambien, not to you, but it might one day be you).

    Many insurance companies will only pay for 20 ambien (zolpidem tartrate) per month. This isnt because they want you to only sleep 20/30 nights a month, but because they realize it is cheaper for them because it is in your best health interests to not rely on ambien every single night to go to sleep. They know that after a month of use you will have developed a very strong "habit".

    That ends my little rant about ambien.

    So enjoy your weed and if you can go with pills then do it!
  7. Thank you for educating yourselves about cannabis! :hello:

    BUT, I doubt if you know the full story about what cannabis can do medically! I'd like to help you guys educate yourselves further about what cannabis can do for all of us! :smoke:

    I have a friendly little educational challenge for you all, click the first link in my sig and just read the titles that you find. :rolleyes: (You can even skip reading the short intro if you like! It's not that important.). Enjoy!

    Granny :wave:

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