I used to be a sucker for love....

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  1. ...Now, it's been two years since I have had feeling towards a girl other then lust. It all started two years ago when a girlfriend of mine invited me out to this out of town party and I walked in on her fucking some dude. We had been dating for 2 years and it was rough patch in my life for the next few months.

    I'm long over it now and have had multiple "girlfriends" since, but none of them have lasted more then a few months and I see the relationships as more of a hassle then anything. I love getting laid, but every girl I sleep with I have no feelings for and i'm starting to think it's me.

    Maybe I've given up on love, but in all honeslty I kinda miss it. It's nice having someone to care about other then yourself. Anyone else feel like this? Any ideas to help get over it?
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  3. this is gonna sound crazy, but

    tell your mind what you want.
    tell yourself what you want, and then go find it.
    open up. be scared. lay it out. be sweet and watch her respond to it

    i wear my heart on my sleeve, and yeah its been stomped.
    but I'm in love right now. life is just too short man fuck it
  4. you made the right choice. My friend just found out that his gf fucked some dude after he dated her for 2 years. he is still in denial. eventually he is going to have to face the shit that happened. But it just aint worth it in my eyes man.

    is it just me or is it always the girl that pulls this shit? I know guys aren't perfect. But I always hear about girls pulling this shit
  5. Nah that doesn't sound crazy. It's generally the mindset I have when talking with women, and life in general. just minus the open up and be sweet part. If the girl annoys me or I feel i'm wasting my time it's hard to conjure up those feelings. I always feel there is someone better out there, someone more fun, someone who is a better match and I nit pick all the things I hate about them.

    Getting women isn't my problem, it's accepting them as part of my life I guess. I'd say maybe the right one hasn't come along yet but pacifism isn't really my game and my mindset in a relationship is obviously nothing but detrimental.

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