I used Credit Card, They called me, what do i do

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  1. Ok, I find myself in an uncomfortable situation, I used the debit/credit card to buy from a reliable seedbank and the credit card company called me to confirm the transaction. I checked by bank account to make sure the money I spent was sent. They left a message on my answering machine. Should I call them back and tell them that my wallet with all my information was lost? I also own a P.O. box and the address for my card is the same address as the P.O. box. One last thing, I checked on line and the transaction i made said that is was called Lt Magazine or something like that. I am also in the U.S. I am not sure what I should do in this situation. What can happen to me, am I at risk? goddammm I should of been pacient with money order!! all this stress now!!!

  2. man chill i would just tell them i lost my wallet... then pay thru pay pal next time or soemthing damn that sucks.. chill they cant send you to jail or anything for orderin seeds online lol u dont even have them yet lol
  3. seed banks use some bullshit for the credit card transaction, like when i got mine, it sed something about a Novelty Shop, and said nothing bout what i bought.
  4. what are you worried about? just call them back and ask whats the word. all they want is a confirmation, its pretty normal procedure.
  5. Is your card new? when my visa debit card was new the bank would call to make sure some transactions were made by me just to watch out for me. you might not have anything to worry about...
  6. lmao. You have nothing to worry about dude. They can't do shit.
  7. if your credit card reported 'marijuana seeds' as the transaction name, then yeah. tell em you lost it.

    if it just says some random thing that has no connection with marijuana, then there is no problem. in online transactions, they can sometimes call to confirm, its nothing new. if youre that concerned, then do something else. but it should be fine.
  8. if you made a big order the cc company is just calling to make sure that it was you that made the online order not someone who stole your card
  9. almost every international order will get you a phone call. Its because alot of people who do credit card fraud buy seeds, pipes, etc. Anything suspicious gets a call. They wouldent be watching for canabis seeds being orderred, and you havent even commited a crim,e they havent even reached our soil. If it was illegal and they knew it, they might just cancel your order with no phone call. No worries, your fine.

    - Vince
  10. Thinking outside the MJ box, it doesn't have to be seeds and pipes, it could be antiquities or jewelry or anything that the CC company might consider suspicious.

    Credit card companies have algorithms, extremely complex mathematical formulas, that assess your past spending habits on the card as a way to determine if a particular new charge seems legit -- legit for you, that is. I don't understand specifically how they do it, but they do it. So what might be judged as a legit charge for me might be flagged for you. If it is flagged they just follow up with a phone call to substantiate it.

    Overseas charges are very likely to trigger a flag if you do not regularly order from overseas. CC companies are especially sensitive to overseas charges not only because they really stand out compared to your past spending patterns but also because CC holders have the right here in the U.S. to dispute a charge but that does not apply to overseas charges, and the CC companies would rather verify the charge up front than deal with a pissed-off customer later.

    So the good news is that this most likely is just a routine verification because this charge falls outside of the predicted pattern for your particular spending habits. Even more good news is that having this charge now in your spending history means such future charges are more likely to pass the computer check on the first pass.
  11. wonder what happened to the poor guy lol
  12. I bet he's hiding in his closet trapped inside a fetal position, rocking back and forth, sucking his thumb.

    Poor sap. God damned government.

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