I use oranges instead of apples and you should too

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  1. For those without a pipe, bong, papers, etc. 
    When you're feeling like MacGuyver and have fruits readily available, choose the orange over the apple.
    Why? Because when you make holes into the apple, the cut is clean and smooth, meaning you risk sucking in ash.
    If you make the same holes in an orange, the pulp fibers will stick out like hairs that catch 100% of the ash. It also gives your weed a citrus flavor.

  2. Fortunately, I've never been in a tight situation like that, but I'll keep that in mind. 
    I did a small pumpkin once, but out of choice. I would save the fruits as after-munchies instead though. MMMmmmmm fruuuuuuuits.
  3. If you make the chamber steep and have the 2 chambers meet close to the bottom, you squeeze some juice and it will act as a bubbler or mini bong.
  4. The juice from the orange keeps getting my weed wet and i have to throw it away. I already wasted $60 worth of bud. What am I doing wrong?
  5. Neither.
      Though i did use a strawberry once, and it worked.  turned a carrot into a chillum once, too..  
  6. I think your orange is just too horny.
  7. In the unlikely event that I have no glassware or papers I would drive to the gas station and get a pack for 99 cents. That's just me. 
  8. I inspected the orange for horns but found none. I buy only horn free oranges from an organic source.
  9. Pff, an orange?  Real tokers know it's all about the pomegranate pipe.  Noobs.  :mellow:
  10. OMG, no! Why would you mess up a pomegranate? 1)They're expensive 2)They're delicious
    A single one costs $3.99 here...
  11. I've smoked out of 'cutie' oranges before.
    I took the outer-part of a pen (ink cartridge/tip removed), made a hole in the top and one on the side. used the pen piece as a mouth piece and smoked it like a pipe. worked for about 3-4 bowls (cutie oranges aren't very large) and makes it taste amazing.
  12. I got a tree in the backyard, good idea! brb
  13. I use glass instead of an orange and you should too.
  14. I was an Indian, I mean a native American in my past life, and we used mother earth as a pipe.
    Use soil with a clay constancy if you can.

    "I dont recommend sand"
  15. I tried smoking out of a sand pipe but it kept putting the cherry out and it kept falling apart.
  16. that's exactly what I do too! it makes it look like an actual orange pipe!
  17. I also wasted weed by wetting it, then I used foil and got alzheimers and forgot who I am...what is this
  18. Oh cool! I stuck a socket in the orange! The flavor was off the hook! Thanks for the tip bro!
    i can never tell if you're being serious or not. but i like it. haha.
  20. Besides the peach, oranges are the most wonderful fruits.

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