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I use a medicine bottle a yellow one

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by UplandRyno, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. i use a yellow medicine party that i use to take serquil for my anxiety and bi polar or something anyway I put my pot in there and my dad knows I some he does not care he does too
  2. Wait does he care or not?
  3. if you have a messiage you get to me in 4 ways post a messiage at this post,xbox,ps3, xbox is is
    my PS3 is
    my email is
    my account name for the GC is
  4. I'm very systematic, you see the weed I'm going to smoke goes in the grinder and the weed I'm just going to save for later just stays in the bag.
  5. Is it me or is this thread confusing as hell? Both ops post's are tough to follow.

  6. K lemme just get your social and bank # to wire your nigerian lottery winnings.
  7. What the fuck man they told me I was the winner

    edit: I use Mason Jars

  8. your lingo is horrible
  9. Ha ops either 5 or on some crazy drugs.
  10. damn bro lay off that seraquil that stuff makes you retarded sleepy.
    maybe that's why you're talking like a madman. :wave:
  11. also i use "anything at all that you use".
  12. Whenever people make multiple choice polls, I just choose everything...
  13. Your grammar is horrible, lol not tryna hate or anything..
    I keep my weed in a dugout and if there's not enough room, I put it in a pill bottle.
    I'm gonna buy a stash jar soon..
  14. so fuckin confused
  15. hahaha this thread is hilarious!
  16. Are we allowed to spam his email address now?
  17. you know you're sufficiently stoned when you argue with yourself through typography
    [ame=]The Sunshine Underground - YouTube[/ame]
  18. Oh wait a second... OP is probably new (and on lots of drugs) and he probably saw this section was called "stash jar" and so he's telling us what he uses as his stash jar
  19. what in the fuck did i just read
  20. You just received a look into the mind of a tweaker

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