I u could commit a crime without being caught...

Discussion in 'General' started by Bleezie_King, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. I would either blow weed smoke in a cop's face or grow INSANE amounts of GDP.

    What would u do?
  2. blow some shit up, or just reak hell somewhere with some heavy artilerry(sp). heh >_>
    maybe speed down the highway with 10+ police cars chasing after me, like across the cali desert or something going 140+mph >:D smoking and a joint and screaming fuck the police! lol i'm baked

    EDIT- came up with something else
  3. rob a bank with a toy gun

  4. lol! I would just go in there smockin' and be like "Bitch, empty the drawers."
  5. Dealing?Traficing?Large money heist? do i have to choose just 1?
  6. my crime would be committing thousands of crimes :D
  7. kill a bunch of black guys and rob a bank
  8. not cool, cracka
  9. Not cool to call him a cracka either.

  10. [redneck]We don't like your raceist type 'round these parts, boy.[/redneck]
  11. yes we get it, its not cool to call the guy a cracker. :rolleyes:
    lets end this racist thing here before it hijacks the whole thread.
  12. Umm...fly a jumbo jet into the government and eject last second

    or rob a medical marijuana grow farm :)
  13. Alright, i get it, chill out.
  14. I would kill gang members.
  15. You know what else I'd do, I'd kill this one kid who pisses the fuck out of me. This little asian guy who thinks he's hella hard and shit. Always talkin' shit and never backin' it up. He's a little racist, too. He don't like white peope and the teacher won't do shit to shut him up. So if I could do it without being caught, I'd shut his ass up for good.

    and then rape Jessica Alba! hell yeah!
  16. i'd rob the national treasurer if thats the money making place butt ass naked and then end with a high speed chase flying off a bridge onto a cruise ship, then hijack the ship and sail to australia where i would run across naked for days, and get to the other side, hop on a floatable raft, go half way across the world end up in hawaii, do the same thing, end up in california, steal a car, high speed chase again and drive to illinois, where i would hide underground with mole people smoking joints for 40 years, and when i'm 60 with a huge ass beard down to my knees, then come out and go do it all over again
    beat that bitches
  17. i would play gta irl for a few hours until i got board

  18. Who would get bored of that? I would be having FUUUN . . .
  19. Grow 1 million plants till world is only weed :)
  20. Kidnap a few of my favorite people, then buy a hooker in every state...bring them to illinois and have them molest all the mole people. Then, i'd plant MJ on the whitehouse lawn and come and tend to it everyday (or i'll pay "Just blaze" to do it, since he's naked and that'd be so much cooler), then i'll rob a few banks...get the president drunk and send picture of his drunken antics out on the internet, and then something small...like double-parking.

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