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I tweak... I need help.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iiTzCaboose420, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Well, for starters. How I got here (This should probably be in the introduction forum, but meh...) is from reading stories about how people freak out. And I haven't found anything similar to what I experience. When I smoke, I don't know how high I am. But when I start to think about the bad things, and when I tell myself not to. It happens anyways. This is when the "breathing problem" starts. I feel like I can't breath, walk around the place with my hand on my heart thinking I'm about to die. So I go in the shower to try and... Get rid of the high? Then I start to twitch. I'm a heavy smoker, and I drink a lot of mountain dew/coca cola/pepsi/ect. I've never experienced a chill high before, I always freak out. My friends make fun of me for it. How can I get rid of the anxiety/paranoia and experience a lengthy enjoyable high?
  2. You say you're a heavy smoker. But if you're also new to smoking, you could be smoking too much for your current comfort. Always remind yourself it's just a drug and eventually the unpleasantness will fade.

    It's also smart to take care to be in a relaxing environment for a relaxing high.
  3. I meant cigarettes, sorry. :|
  4. Some people just naturally experience more anxiety and paranoia than others. How long have you been smoking? Those effects tend to lessen over time, once you get used to being high and build up a little tolerance. In the short term, make sure you always smoke in a relaxing, safe place, with chill people that you trust.
  5. I can get the same way, keep it in the back of your head that you're fine and that you want to enjoy the high not waste it paranoid, that seems to work for me. Nothing is going to happen to you.
  6. Thanks guys, I'm going to go smoke. I'll keep you posted on how I'm doing.
  7. So you're not a meth head?

    *Puts away blunt object
  8. hay just my thought on it, but maybe try smoking a few times by yourself (away from friends or peeps who will joke about it) and mabes just a lil at first and listen to some chill music or watch a movie and get a hang of the feeling of a mellow high
  9. dont some dude, weed isnt for everyone
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    Your tolerance is too low... a problem I wish I had again. :smoke:
    When I first started smoking, if I were to smoke with friends, I wouldn't be able to talk for 20 minutes and would be bugging out, laughing hysterically at unrelatable ideas.

    Once I started smoking alone, everything changed. I was able to finally enjoy a chill high. Also, in the beginning, if I smoked Indica I'd freak out, but Sativa was amazing for me. If there is anything you find enjoying about being high, I say why not experiment a bit further.

    Or you know, you could always smoke less to get less shit faced high.

  11. Thanks, I smoked a joint. Not sure what it is. (I really don't have the care to know what 'type' of weed it is... S'long as I'm not freaking out) But I'm kinda just... I don't know how to explain it. :smoke:
  12.'s in jer head holmes! Talk to your brain mane! Works everytime.
  13. Lol tweak was a bad choice of vocabulary considering the hostilities against hard drugs on this forum (tweaks deserve it though).
    On top of all the other good advice given, I would suggest maybe cutting down on the soda just because it's not that good for you anyways :p But in seriousness you should try eating a full balanced meal before you smoke, have plenty of water on hand before/during/after smoking, and make sure you are well rested. Those are all problems relating to freak outs (empty stomach, blood sugar, rest). Hope you find a chill spot in your smoking man.
  14. Try smoking less. Getting too high can make you feel like that. Try different kinds of weed too. Sativa dominant strains feel different than indica dominant. Also, different strains of weed have a different ratio of THC to cannabinoids. Some research indicates that strains deficient in cannabinoids can cause a more paranoid, uncomfortable high.
  15. Control your caffine intake. I drank around 4 liters of soda, smoked a blunt, and all went down hill.
  16. Ok. I have you here. I used to cure my friends of this.
    My number 1 most successful way is:
    Preferably a dark room with black lights. If not, just a dark room with a t.v. or something playing, or dim lighting.
    Have reggae or somethin playing in the background.
    Be around people you are familiar with. Good friends, girlfriends, etc.
    When you draw a hit, be relaxed about it. This is what I learned in Jamaica. The way you smoke often helps determine your high. You can still take a big drag, just be more slow about it. Be methodical with your smoking. And remember: it's a plant. There's no danger to marijuana, minus the general danger from smoking. Also, try smoking a cigarette afterwards.
    OR! You can do what we used to do to walk around campus without being caught.

    Gut half a black n mild. Save the tobacco. Grind up some bud. Mix it half and half. Stuff it back in, making it look as inconspicuous as possible. Use a pencil to push the bud down into the black, etc.

    Smoke that. You wouldn't even know you were toking if you didn't make it. Can't smell it, even when blown into your face. Can only taste is slightly if you really, really drag it. Everybody starts smoking blacks, and one day your friends spike the black like that. You'll have a happy high before you even realize you're high.

    Just be cool. Be in a good mood. Realize it's going to make you happy and feel better.

  17. So you're saying Sativas are responsible for paranoia? While this is true, it's also not the case. Certain people handle different kinds differently. I get more paranoid when I'm completely couch locked. Sativa doesn't do a THING to me as far as fear. It actually makes me much more comfortable.

  18. Good advice. Except, make sure you're smoking inside. If I smoke alone at a spot, I get sketchy as hell. Find somewhere you're comfortable, and have a loner stoner sesh, OP. :smoke:
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    No I'm not. I'm saying that different people react differently to different kinds of weed. What is enjoyable for one person, may not be so for the next. Also strains deficient in cannabinoids can be indica or's not really a strain dominant thing because it's not the number of cannabinoids that matter, per say, it's the balance.
  20. Why I don't go by strain name or even saliva/indica hype.

    People are just literally making shit up and stoners are buying it up.

    I go by look smell and taste, then high.

    If you get paranoid or tweeker like, maybe weed is not for you, or your not aware of your own body and mind.

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