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Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Jan 9, 2003.

  1. well its officially over. my heart had officially been broken. the one thing I feared from begining a serious relationship with a girl has come true.
    (microwave version of the relationship - 9 very deep, personal, intimate months together were broken up after she went back to school. with my head in the clouds, I thought with a love as strong as what we had, nothing could stop us, just a matter of time when we could be together again)
    a few months went by of casual talk, but I felt things drifting. today, the day of reckoning, I brought it out on the table. the result, she told me that she doesnt feel that way anymore, and she wont again. its about the same sex thing. its about how she doesnt want to feel that way.
    and thats that. my heart has completly been torn in half. I really have never felt love before this girl. she made me want to be a better me. she made me laugh, smile, and be the happiest Ive ever been in my life.
    now I must move on, huh?
    well, Im getting to a point of closure. there is a few lines I wrote that I want her to read. nothing big, but just a what I got from you, and basically letting my last., and best thoughts of her go, to her...I just dont know how to give it to her..email? or should I write it out? make it more personal, and something physical? Im thinking letter now that I really think about it. but its like I can still see her online, and I want to just send it now, to see if she'll say anything now. but I think she wont say anything at all no matter what I do. but I do want to give it to her. oh god. Im so lost, im so sad. what I always feared... :(
  2. I agree ZIA, a hand-written letter...in cursive.

    That's sad for me to read sensi, my longest relationship was 9 months too. You just have to take what you learned from this one and move on. About yourself and your mate. Like Bob Marley says, "Everything's gonna be alright chyeah" "So woman no cry"

    "and I'm really high"

    Keep your head up girl.[​IMG]
  3. I'm sorry for your pain, sweetie. Life can be tough,but as one chapter in life closes another one is ready to open up. Work thru your past and keep an eye on the future.
  4. You'll be okay girl. It's tough, but what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Keep your chin up!!
  5. I'm with BPP. It has to suck right now.... but life will go on.

    Imagine if she'd stayed with you really not wanting to.. and you found out a few years down the road. (Or decades)

    Sorry to hear it, though. :(
  6. Hey Sensemil, sorry to hear about that, i was going with a girl once....getting married, everything was all paid for and she dumped me.....it was the hardest time of my life, but i got over it and now i'm stronger....time is the only healer, you have to let it go, what's for you won't pass you by.....hope you get stronger soon.......Peace out....Sid

    ps when i was feeling down after it happened one song stuck in my mind and i think it helped me, The Beatles...."Let it be"

    because i had to learn to let go!
  7. Better to have love and lost then to have never loved at all.

    There will be another friend. Keep your chin up, Good karma your way.


  8. Damn, Sensi! I'm sorry, girl. I really am.

    It's a shame that she couldn't get past the fact that she felt like that for a girl. Mainly, because you're a great girl but mostly, because it just shouldn't matter. It's all about the person, not their sex.

    It'll take some time but your heart will start feeling better and you'll be able to move on. There's an emptiness that comes with a broken heart and I'm sorry that you'll have to experience that. We're all here for you and love you, Sensi.

    Write, type or chisel a letter in any way you want. The only thing that really matters is that it comes from your heart, not how it's delivered. Although....you can write a letter, scan it, and send it via email...;)
  9. I know you feel sad.

    But right now you need to find a balance, fill the empty space in your heart with your friends and try to bring new people into your life, in any kind of relationship. You shouldn't try to neglect your feelings but you also need to move on at some point, which means letting go. Send her a letter and tell her what you think. make sure that she knows you won't try to pursue the relationship anymore and try to salvage some elements of your friendship. If you can avoid being bitter and cutting off comunication you should.


    Or you could just go get really messed up with your friends. :D


    (btw, there were a lot more smilies in this post but there's a limit, so I made up for it in vb code :))
  10. thank you all for all the kind words and help...Im going to write the letter and send it, shes still home on winter break, so I wouldnt be bothering her at school. I dont understand how you can be withsomeone for so long, pysically, mentally, emotionally, sexually, so long, so close, and then just turn all of it off. I dont get it. we would talk about how we would just want to pick up and go out to cali and leave the world behind...lol. she wrote that in a card to me. 4 years to california. she always wanted to go there, live there. I did too..I just want to pull out that card and ask her, what is this about? how could you write that, along with how I make you so happy, and how you wish we could tell the world how we feel about each other and then go and flip it all around. I dont want to be bitter about this, but Im think im getting to that point..anyway, thank you guys for listening..

  11. Sensi,

    Even though I know ya don't want to hear it, look at this statement. She was never sure where her heart lied to begin with friend. You deserve someone better than that, and they are out there somewhere waiting for you. :)
  12. Sorry darlin for your broken heart.. I know how you feel.. I hope the right person comes to you. Keep your head up, sooner or later it will all be good!
  13. im bitter...we can talk about it sometime

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