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  1. Im trying to find a way to get my ipod (which is currently set to manual manage) to dump the songs onto itunes, the reason being I want to delete duplicates. I've uninstalled and re installed itunes, and every time I try to uncheck the manual manage box it warns me about replacing my ipod with the itunes which is currently empty. You would think they would make a way so that if you just d/l itunes you can sync an it to an exisisting old ipod to build the library.
  2. iTunes is retarded like that.
    You will have to transfer the files off of the iPod(or copy them to your iTunes library folder).

    Enable your hidden files and folders
    (go to control panel>folder settings)

    Then go into the hidden IPOD_control folder. There should be a folder called music right there.
    Inside of that will be a bunch of folders f00, f01, etc. The music is in there.

    They have retarded names like FGLD and GJEM, but when you load them into iTunes, everything will show up perfectly.

    I hope this helps.

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