I tried to turn myself in...

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  1. This story is a little screwed up...
    It was a beautiful payday, nice bag of herb in pocket, went to the head shop. I saw this really sweet glass dragon figurine so i picked it up. We smoked out of this thing once, and headed back to my friends house.
    We were playin some video games and my non stoner friend wanted to go get some junk food. So I let him take my car. I totally forgot that I left "puff the magic dragon" in the glove box. Him and my brother (neither one burn) got pulled over and searched. The found this pipe and took my buddy in and sent my brother back home.
    When he got home, he told my what happened and I quickly stashed my shit and lit off to the police station. I got there and saw the pipe on the desk in the back. I told the lady "Whoever is in trouble for that paraphenalia is innocent, that is my pipe and I'm ready to go to jail"

    We tried everything. Told him to drug test my buddy, told him it was mine. They patted me down and tried to get me to rat out a dealer. I said "I'm not an idiot. I'm a responsible user that is here to stand up for his friend" The cops thought it was real cool that I would do that. I guess they were placing bets on what the name of the pipe was. When I told them I hear them all start laughing.

    I didn't get in trouble, my friend only got a curfew ticket (which I fully paid for), and the cops got a sweet pipe and good laugh.

    I just thought it was crazy they wouldn't let my friend go and take my ass to jail. I was practically begging for it.
  2. Cops allow people go w/ a simple pipe more often than you think probably. You just got lucky this time I guess.

    Were your bro and friend shocked?
  3. Win win your a good friend
  4. Not that it matters from me, but +rep. The world needs more people that will actually stand up for their friends.
  5. I'm still amazed that people in America get arrested for paraphernalia. That shit ain't even illegal here in the UK. We're sensible. Still behind on medicinal and legalization efforts though...

  6. Yeah we were shocked but I think the cops were just as happy that it was short, simple and hilarious.... hahahaha
  7. Well that sucks.
  8. Good for you for sticking up for your friend. Not a lot of people have the balls or morality to take responsibility like that.
  9. You're a real friend OP.

    BTW, the reason why they couldn't charge you/arrest you is because you weren't found with it. You weren't in possession of it.
  10. Damn dude you're a good friend.
  11. It sounds like everything worked out, minus the pipe of course :D
  12. ur a good friend. a lot of shitty friends wouldnt do that. props.
  13. You're a really good friend man, plus rep.
  14. Wait, did they confiscate the pipe before you'd even used it?

  15. He used it between the head shop and his friends house.
  16. Very big of you, not many people would do this for their friends.

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