I tried legit E - but nothing happened! :(

Discussion in 'General' started by nug slugger, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. I tried E for the second time tonight. The first time doesn't really count in my opinion because I had only a bit more than a half pill. I didn't really feel anything then, but I accounted that to the very small dose I took.

    So today I get the oportunity to try it again. This time I swallow 1 and parachute 1/2. I wait and nothing happens. We smoke some weed. About an hour and a half later I still don't really feel anything, so I snort about 3/4 of a pill. I wait another 45 min. to half hour, still not feeling anything. My friend sprinkles about a half to three quarters of a pill on a bowl. I smoke it with another friend.

    And I still didn't feel anything! The most I felt was just a little stimulant buzz, and even that was pretty weak.

    Now, this wasn't bum E either. I got it from a very close friend, who has taken it before, and I have a couple other friends who took them and rolled, and another one of my friends took one along with me too, and he rolled decently too.

    No extreme happiness, no heightened sense of touch, glowsticks didn't look any cooler than usual, even my pulse didn't raise.

    I've been feeling a little stressed and down lately, but not too much. Seems like E should overcome that anyway.

    The only other medicine I take is provigil for narcolepsy and sleep apnea.

    This made me even more bummed. What gives? Can E not affect some people?

    Next time I try it I'm going to take 2 outright.
  2. Did you eat at all before?
    Are you on any medications?
    Have you rolled before?
  3. Have a day planned for it and take 2-3. Don't eat the entire day before you pop em. And of course, smoke mad bud.

    If that doesn't work... :confused::confused::confused:
  4. were they double or triple stacks? my second time i took two double stacks and i rolled really hard. it depends on what kind of pills you took too. i mean they may have been legit but that doesn't mean they were good pills. it always helps to know if they're cut too. cause that changes the whole experiance. it can make it a lot easier to have a bad roll too.
  5. dunno..if they were legit with enough mdma though you definitely would have felt something you'd think.... Try a different type of pill maybe?
  6. Yeah, I am sure you are being fooled by someone. Those have to be fakes.

    Also, I wouldn't advise smoking that if its real or not. It wouldnt have the effect from smoking it if it were real anyways.

    On my first Roll all it took was 1 mitsubishi double stack. Man was it fucking badass.

    I would suggest only rolling a few times, as it is really bad for your brain.
  7. Naw man it was probably legit E.

    Listen i have the same trouble as you and it took until my fourth time tryin roll to find out what was the problem. When i first started doing E i was getting the best shit around here. And i am very small in weight and everything. Only 135 pounds.

    I would maybe eat 2. and nothing would happen. I would start to feel it but it would go away.

    One night i even did four total and nothing happened. I did not take them all at once. I took like 2 at once. Waited.. then later took more but still barel had a roll.

    Then bam i found the solution for me.

    For me to roll. Even with a low tolerance. I dont know why this is for me and other people but it is.

    I must pop atleast three or four. I eat all of them at the same time. I chew them up real good and swoosh it around my mouth for a good minute then wash it down with a drink.


    Its been like this everysince i started doing E and i dont know why. I had a very very low tolerance when i had to start doing it and i am 5'11 and 135-140 lbs (scrawny i know).

    I know it seems like you have to spend alot of money on four and then pop them all at once. You probably want to spread them out. I hate to tell you its now gonna happen. If you wanna save them and spread them out over time i suggest buying in quarter jars minimal..

    Anyways just letting you guys know. certain amounts of MDMA effect everyone differently. Sadly i must do atleast three or four of whatever fucking pill i get to have a good roll. Dont matter if they yellow or green mercedes, blue omegas, white ladies, yellow pumas.. WHATEVER... its always been like that for me and its like that for a couple other buddies i know..

    I really hope this helps you. Because i had your problem before and i actually gave up on trying to roll for a year then i became determined again..

    Lord Doja
  8. Infact nug slugger make this your mission for me lol.

    Get 3 or 4 good quality pills.

    And eat them at once. dont snort or parachute. Too be honest im a big E head thizz is what it iz but i'll never never snort a E pill. Its pointless i think.

    Anyways. Eat them. I know they are bitter but eat them all at the same time. Swoosh them around your moth for a good minute then wash it down.

    And come back later and tell us how your first roll was :D:D
  9. it's fucking disgusting

    feels worse than snorting pure MDMA
  10. Yeah, The burning was a little delayed, but once it hit me from the E, it felt like a thousand fires burning my septum. :eek:

    I woke up this morning with no ill effects, just a bit tired because I was up late.

    I was so bummed last night. My friend said that if I am able to feel bummed about anything, then I'm not rolling. This bummed me out even more. lol

    I'll try that next time Doja. I'll let you know how it turns out. :cool: It'll probably be a couple weeks before I get the chance again.

    BTW- I'm a hair under 6' 160-170lbs. Pretty skinny. I hadn't eaten in 4-5 hours before taking them.
  11. Put it in your bum
  12. wow that sucks man. i started off by popping 1 in a half my first time. the most ive popped is 3 in a night and the most ive popped at once is 2 and ive rolled fucking balls everytime. ive rolled off of 1 bean not incredibly intense like off 2 at once but i was rolling it all depends on your bean man, ive popped nothing but good beans thanks to the thizz god for my good fortune. i roll kinda often and i still get fucked up off 1 pill the last pill i popped (purple euros) i was gonna pop 2 then at the 2 in a half hour point pop a 3rd but i popped one and im happy i did cause it was crazy intense i popped my 2nd at the 2 in a half hour point and then gave my 3rd pill away to a friend cause i didnt need anymore i was 2 fucked up 2 move all i could do was get blown up by photons all night lol. here is my secret day before try to eat healthy food like fruits and stuff the day of the roll dont eat anything you will be hungry but when that bean hits your hunger will go away and try not to think obout the roll just start talking and you will notice that the conversations get deeper thats when your roll is starting to hit u at this point just smoke a menthol and hit your vick a couple times this will bring u up into the roll and you will probably be out cold be4 you know it lol. get some good thizz and its the greatest experience ever (i have yet to try acid or shrooms thats y i say that lol)
  13. Yea, there ya go.

    Enema might just do the trick :p

    Remember to hold it tightly. SQUUUEEEEEEZE those butt cheeks together, don't let it fall out. Wait 30 minutes. BOOM!
  14. I am not proud to say i did that before.. but yes it works very well.
  15. If you didn't take the whole roll, there is your answer right there.
  16. Whats a parachute? and why the fuck would you smoke X?
  17. Sounds like shit tabs to me, but if you roll take two.

    I took two my first time and it was one of the greatest experiences I've ever had.

    I've never seen anyone else trip out taking two their first time. Especially if they're heavy tokers.
  18. So I tried again last night. I took 2 diamonds right off the bat (Again, I know these are good from friends who've taken them. I chewed one, and chewed the second a little. About 45 minutes after that I chewed another. My friend and I had to go to a neighboring town. The whole way there I just couldn't stop talking for 10-15 minutes (+1.5 hrs). It was non-stop marathon talking. lol

    Once we get there we smoke a large bowl of some extremely dank bud. Shortly after this we went to the 7/11 there and I really started rolling inside.(+2 hrs.) The lights looked amazing. Between the way the lights looked, how high I was and how the 7/11 is a tiny bit different than the one in my town, it felt like I was in a movie or something. It was incredible. Then we listened to techno/rap on the way back and it was intense. I couldn't help but bob my head to the beat. Once we got back to my town I, the intensity had decreased, so I chewed another.(+2.5 hrs) It never really got as intense again as when I was at 7/11. About 1-2 AM (I began taking them at 8:45 PM) I was quickly coming down. It was a wierd feeling coming down, and it too would ebb and flow in intensity.

    Overall, it was fun, but not as intense as I had hoped for. Everybody else only took 2-3 when they rolled, and they rolled hard. I took 4 and pretty much only intensely rolled for about 10-15 minutes. This is motherfucking expensive!

    Lord Doja says it takes him about 4 to roll hard. Even after taking 4, I still felt like I could easily take another 2. When I thought about it, it seems like I have a pretty big tolerance to drugs in general.

    Does anybody else need more E than other people? Or have any friends who do?

    I never really got the effect of heightened touch still. I was really looking forward to that but it never really happened. Is it very safe to take 5-6?
  19. whatever you do don't roll for like another month rolling 2 nights in a row isnt very good for your psychological health
  20. i rolled 4 nights in a row last week. ive got no problems. i slept ok too. everyones different though. i ate 2 pills last night and i rolled from 5-5. i also smoked a bunch of weed, cigs and had a beer. im happy when im on 1-2 pills. im gonna try eating 2 at a time next weekend.

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