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i tried HASH

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by skater420man, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. so i tried hash and i was so happy, like a little kid when he goes to a play land :hello:
    here is how it happened,,,

    went to a friends that i have not seen in 3+ years and we smoked a bowl and he asked me if i wanted to smoke hash and we went to smoke with some more people i ripped a bowl with hash on top and i got so baked :D and yes im excited lol this story is gay but i wanted to say it..
  2. Nice. Hash is quite the potent medication.. I almost never use it as its just way too strong for my medical condition.
  3. HASH. Soooo goood. I can't even remember my first time smoking hash I was that baked.
  4. First hash experiences are always awesome. I remember mine. It was at Ann Arbor's Hash Bash, thanks to the generosity of a complete stranger <3

    got baked like a muffin
  5. omg i did i got so baked i loved it
  6. mmmmmmm, hash is the bees knees. glad you got to try it, and enjoyed it. hope you get to experience it more often now :smoke:
  7. yea i have a good connect
  8. good shit bruh!

    love usin hash.

    glad you enjoyed it.
  9. Dude hash for the first time is the best. I had a friend who brought over his vape and in the box was a bag with about a gram of hash that he got in India. He was just like "yo does anyone want this? I'm not gonna smoke it." I was like "HOLYFUCKYES!" It was a great day

  10. [​IMG]

    With that being said I'm happy you tried it and got high. :smoke:
  11. Concentrates, ftw.
  12. I wanna try some bho my hook up can get it but it's expensive and I hear it's better than hash.
  13. made me LMAO!:hello::hello::p:smoke:
  14. My first time was incredible because I was in Spain. I was so high I stayed awake all night.

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